Mixtape Review | Ski Mask the Slump God – BEWARE THE BOOK OF ELI

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This mixtape was released on May 11th this year (2018). The first time I heard Ski Mask’s voice was on XXXTENTACION‘s song, iloveitwhentheyrun. I wasn’t that impressed by his verse on that song, but I later heard a track called Psycho, and his flow blew me away. I don’t really fuck with that track as a song though, so I’m hoping this album actually has some sonically enjoyable material. There are actually multiple versions; I’ll be reviewing the Apple Music edition.

LOST SOULS featuring Rich the Kid produced by Christopher Gibbs
RUN produced by Timbaland
THROWAWAY featuring Ronny J produced by Eli Evnen
COOLEST MONKEY IN THE JUNGLE featuring SahBabii produced by Murda Beatz
SUICIDE SEASON produced by Christopher Gibbs
DoIHaveTheSause? produced by Freddy Harris III
GEEKIN’ featuring Danny Towers produced by Christopher Gibbs
CHILD’S PLAY produced by ArnoldIsDead & James H. Duval
DAPPER DAN produced by Christopher Gibbs
BUKKAKE featuring Rich the Kid produced by James H. Duval

First of all, this album is short as fuck. There’s not a single track that reaches 3 minutes in length. I guess it’s good for listeners with low attention spans. The production on LOST SOULS is pretty nice, but goddamn. Ski Mask’s ad-libs are annoying as fuck. It sounds like memes in the form of a song. Is there a subgenre called Meme Rap yet? I feel like that’s what SoundCloud Rap should be called. LOST SOULS isn’t complete trash, but it’s not something I’d ever return to.

His flow on RUN is dope af. The production is decent too. The hook reminds me of a terrible Nü Metal song called Die MF Die by Dope. The verses are pretty good. The lyrics are kinda dark and playful at the same time.

Like serial killers I murdered again
But only the track, it’s my favorite sin

His flow is smoother than a plastic spoon. It’s a dope track. THROWAWAY should have been thrown away. The production’s kinda cool, but the autotuned feature from Ronny J was wack as hell. It’s more Meme Rap. COOLEST MONKEY IN THE JUNGLE actually has a really cool beat, but it’s similar to the track it follows—the ad-libs from Ski Mask make it sound like a joke. The verse from SahBabii was awful.

I used to live in the jungle
I got my thumb in her butthole

I wanna feel on her tiggidy biggidies

It’s a waste of a good beat. SUICIDE SEASON is even worse. The dark production mixes with Ski Mask’s annoying ad-libs in a really nasty way. It might actually be the worst song I’ve heard all year.

DoIHaveTheSause? isn’t good, but it’s a step up from the track it follows. The hook is annoying as fuck. The production is nothing special, and I wasn’t really impressed by his flow either. Geekin’ is trash. I can’t stand the autotuned hook from Danny Towers, and Ski Mask sounds even worse singing the verses. I like how energetic the production on CHILD’S PLAY is, and Ski Mask’s flow was really dope. It’s a really interesting track. I can’t figure out how I feel about it. I feel like it’d be really fun to listen to at a live show. It’s not something I’d listen to on a regular basis though. It ends really abruptly too. His flow on DAPPER DAN is cool, and I kinda like the beat too. The fucking ad-libs though… Jesus Christ. The beat on BUKKAKE kind of sounds like Nü Metal. The hook is just Ski Mask repeating the word “slut.” I wasn’t feelin’ the feature from Rich the Kid. It’s a pretty wack song.

This shit is wack. The production is unpolished & generic. Ski Mask’s flow is on point for the most part, but the ad-libs are super irritating. The subject matter is really lewd. It’s hardcore Trap music, except instead of rapping about moving crack, he’s rapping about drowning people in rivers of lost souls and getting his dick sucked. A lot of this material can be classified as Pornocore, which I can’t stand. It’s not for me. This shit is really bad.

Favorite Song: RUN
Least Favorite Song: SUICIDE SEASON


Watch the video below for more thoughts on this album




  1. Yes, unfortunately, “meme rap” is a real subgenre. Pink Guy, Yung Gravy, and other white basement-dwellers are the most prominent members. Luckily, it’s starting to die out.

  2. Only thing I disagree with is the beat on coolest monkey in the jungle, I found that annoying af personally, but besides that yeah you’re spot on this was awful to me

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