I Don’t Like Roc Marciano’s Music

Roc Marciano has released THREE different albums this year. Some of you are probably wondering why I chose not to review any of them. I gotta be honest. I just can’t get into the dude’s music. I’m purposely avoiding his albums. I’ve listened to every album he dropped prior to this year, and I don’t think his music is actually bad. It’s just so fucking boring to me. I’m sorry. I think he’s a talented MC. He’s dope lyrically. My issue with his music is his monotone delivery, and his painfully boring production. The first Rosebudd’s Revenge album was really a chore to get through for me. The production is super repetitive. The only album of his that I’ve enjoyed up to this point is his debut project, Marcberg. Reloaded was okay. Same goes for Marci Beaucoup. However, the only reason I could get through that album was all the features if I’m being completely honest. He’s just not that interesting as a rapper to me. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that I should like Roc Marciano since I like Ka’s music so much. Ka is way better than Roc Marciano in my opinion though. It’s true that Ka’s delivery is really monotone just like that of Roc, but I like his voice more, and his lyrics are more poetic to me. I also think he’s a much better producer than Roc. I like Roc Marciano on features. He was great on PRhyme II. However, his own songs put me to sleep 90% of the time. I like some of his older material. I’ve never been amazed by a song from him though. His music is just super boring to me. That’s why I’ll probably never review anything by him. He’s not a trash rapper. I’m just not a fan.



  1. His delivery aggy asl and every single thing he talks about mad cliche for somebody his age that been rapping since the 90’s- thought provoking words of substance what most of his contemporaries rapping still on- like 50 still makn countless cool crack dealer tunes- no thanks

  2. Your a nerd & you ain’t supposed to like his music.
    He’s to ghetto eloquent for your soul.
    You don’t understand the hunger of a particular fan base that his music fulfills.

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