EP Review | Sleep Sinatra & Killer Kane – Voodoo Kit

This extended play was released on September 9th this year. This year I feel like I really tapped into a very specific corner of the underground scene, and Sleep Sinatra has been one of its most prominent artists. This will be my first time covering a project from him though. The first full release I listened to from him was his SLEEPER EFFECT album, which is really goddamn great. Definitely check that one out if you haven’t yet. I’d heard a lot of features and singles from him before listening to that album, but it still ended up exceeding my expectations. The dude is a really talented MC. On the other hand, Killer Kane is a producer who I became familiar with recently when he was responsible for almost all of my favorite beats on SeKwence‘s recent album, BLOOM. Both of these guys are really talented, so I had faith that I’d thoroughly enjoy this project.

There aren’t any songs that I don’t like here, so I’m gonna write about the whole thing in the proper order of the track listing. The first song is called How to Build a Coffin. I really love the sample Killer Kane flipped on this one. The song is pretty short, so it’s pretty much just one verse, but it’s really well written.

This universe strange, y'all overlook certain thangs
I see behind the veil, watching where the curtain hangs
Curbing lames, knowledge reigns supreme and it hurts your brain
Quick to drop a 16 when the purp get flame
Just know that rappin' ain't the only way to hearse your frame
I'll trade the verse for a disperse of the worst exchange
Word to mom and if I was bangin' then word to gang
Everybody swearin' that they real until the verdict came

The song’s got a very straightforward structure, but every element of it is fantastic. The rapping is great, and Killer Kane’s production is superb. The song is very dope. Track 2 is called 1000Bottles, and it’s even better in my opinion.

I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but the atmosphere of the production here kinda put me in the same mood as the save room music for Resident Evil 4. I love that shit. I guess this instrumental isn’t anywhere near as desolate sounding, but still. It’s dope as fuck. Sleep Sinatra’s rapping here is just as great too. He was rhyming his ass off.

Had to read my own plays with telepathy
Saw myself standing all alone with no memory
Could never be that, my bounce-back vicious
Y'all raps fictitious, I hear the difference when I listen
Kick it like addiction, still got the dope for the prescription
I see y'all still hopin' while I will it
Flow spillin' like Hen' when the bottle tip
I had to follow my problems to see we all exist

This song is still pretty short, but it’s not as brief as the opening track. There’s actually a hook and a second verse, both of which are very good.

For what it's worth, feelin' unseen's a blessin'
I'm movin' in the shadows, still stayin' effervescent
Representin' for the past while I future dream
I'm not what they used to seein', movin' like they knew I'm king
We used to have the market cornered, seeing who can ping
Transmuted to some newer things, but little changes when the motor clings
Been inundated by a colder scene, stayin' creative through broken dreams
Niggas gon' hate it, but they know the scheme

He killed this shit. The song is dope as hell. The second half of this project is even better than the first part in my opinion. The penultimate track is called Eternalist, and it features Lord Juco, who’s another underground MC I’ve been slowly familiarizing myself with recently. I absolutely love how warm the relatively downtempo production here feels. It sounds like sunlight in the form of music. It’s gorgeous. This song sounds like it’d be really fun at live shows too. The first verse from Sleep is fire, and Lord Juco killed this shit too.

I'm here to uplift, duck the fuck shit
Give what you get stuck with
My shadow made a killing, I can't trust it
Your bitch busted, I wouldn't touch her with crutches

I really like the way his flow evolved as his verse progressed. It just got more and more intricate towards the end. I feel like Navy Blue would sound awesome over this beat. Anyway, overall it’s definitely one of my favorite tracks on the project. I think it’s dope af. The closing song is called Zombie Dust, and it’s fucking amazing. Once again, Kane’s production here is glorious. It’s a very pretty beat, and I think this song has the most interesting lyricism on the whole project.

Soul's hardened, every 16 is a gold deposit
Been carryin' my pain for the longest
Maintain while livin' unconscious
I was just a zombie walkin', I had to get up outta bondage
Shake the dust off and get it poppin'
They was never mockin', just gassin', never solid

The song pretty much follows the same structure as the opening track. It’s just longer. Nothing about the song is too crazy or over the top. It’s just incredibly well done. That’s all it takes to make an amazing song sometimes. This is just a beautiful instrumental with a fantastic verse. I think it’s dope af.

This EP is honestly pretty amazing to me. I think it’s a pretty good entry point too, just to get a taste of what both of these guys’ music is like. If you enjoy this project, then you can move onto the SLEEPER EFFECT album that I mentioned in the preamble of this review. Anyway, I really can’t decide who I’m more impressed by between Sleep & Kane. I think every single instrumental here is fire, and I would be scrambling for a beat from Killer Kane if I was a rapper. Sleep Sinatra is exactly the kind of rapper I gravitate towards as well. He actually has interesting ways to say shit. I feel like if you’re into [sLUms]. you’ll probably appreciate the kinda stuff he does. I like him more than that crew though. This shit is fire. I really don’t have any consistent gripes with it. I can’t wait to hear more work from both of these guys. Don’t sleep on this shit. It’s dope af.

Favorite Song: Zombie Dust
Least Favorite Song: How to Build a Coffin


Grade: A

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