PREMIERE | Cloud Envy – 629 Prophet

Here’s the latest single from Cloud Envy, 629 Prophet, featuring a verse from Auhsoj Rekcut and production from False Ego.

Last year I reviewed an album entitled Groovy Cat by Cloud Envy, and quickly realized that him and I are actually from the same area, and we even went to elementary school together. You may also remember me covering a song of his back when I was doing those “Best Singles of the Week” posts every week. When I covered that previous single, I could already see a huge leap in quality. It’s always nice when you can see that much growth, especially in such a relatively short period. Anyway, I think this new track right here is his best work yet, so I’m really happy to be premiering it here. False Ego’s serene production is absolutely gorgeous to me, and Cloud Envy’s flow here smooth as hell. It’s still aggressive at the same time though. The sung hook on this track is pretty nice too, and I think the chemistry Cloud Envy & Auhsoj Rekcut have on the second verse together is really great. I love the way Cloud Envy came back in right after Auhsoj’s verse. That was fire. Anyway, let me know what you think of this track, and be on the lookout for more work from Cloud Envy in the near future.



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