Don’t Sleep | Pro Zay & Timepiece – ALLEY MUZIK

Don’t sleep on this album from Pro Zay and Timepiece. It was released on September 4th in the year of our lord 2020, and it’s hard as fuck. One thing I’ve been appreciating more lately is when artists are able to make music that actually sounds like their album covers, and that’s exactly what these guys achieved here. Pro Zay sounds like a fucking monster on this album. I’d never heard any of his music before, so hearing him rap really caught me off guard. His voice is absolutely grizzly as hell. He sounds like a mean ass motherfucker. The production from Timepiece sounds really animated too, like the score of an old Looney Tunes show. This album literally sounds like what you’d hear if you turned on the wrong corner of a rough city at night. There’s not a single track here that I don’t like, and I think every feature killed it. My favorite honestly probably came from SCVTTERBRVIN on Sleeping Gas. That’s one of my favorite tracks on the project. That “MC Escher with the art of Rap” line was fire. The beat kinda reminds me of Traverse Town from Kingdom Hearts. It’s one of my favorite instrumentals on the album. Pro Zay murdered that shit too. The pictures he painted on this album are wild.

Move some weight, take they take, pound of 'caine
Gave us a better place to stay, metal heats under the flame
They got a spoon with a candle, and zoom to the vein
They stick between they toes when it ain't hittin' the same
Razor stays under the tongue, gave 'em scars under gums
Gun in the arm rest of a shitty four-door, keep me blendin' in
Blend the lace with the fish, our best dish
Got hitters up to pitch, movin' base, takin' hits
Need our place in the world series, bitch

They both killed that shit. Another highlight for me is the opening track, Checklist. I just really love the production here. The song is pretty short, but Pro Zay made a really strong impression just based off this first track. The dude sounds scary as fuck to be honest. He sounds super threatening. I imagine this is what SeKwence would sound like if he was high on bath salts. I don’t mean that in a bad way. That’s just what he sounds like to me. One more highlight I wanna talk about is Hometeam / Nosebleed. I love the vocal sample on Hometeam, and Nosebleed has some of the roughest, grimiest lyricism on the whole project. I just love how bloodthirsty he sounds here.

Bitch sniffed one bump, had the nosebleed
And kid ain't been caught servin' 10 seasons
If there was a playoff for settin' plays off
I'd have MVP or 11 rings

The song is dope af. Before I wrap things up I should also highlight Pedigree, as well as its Custodian of Records remix. That remix has the dreamiest instrumental on the whole record. Lord Juco, who I’d just recently become a fan of prior to listening to this album, of course had a really nice verse as well. That line about stompin’ niggas with white Nikes until they turn burgundy was hard as bricks. The song’s dope as hell.

Overall, I think this is one of the better albums of 2020. Like I said, I think the music here perfectly captures the atmosphere of the amazing cover art. The animated production from Timepiece along with Pro Zay’s super gritty lyricism and savage delivery makes it sound like an old adult cartoon, e.g. Fritz the Cat. I just think everything came together really well here. Pro Zay’s voice kinda reminds me of ZillaKami. However, I think he’s actually an interesting lyricist, which isn’t really the case for ZillaKami. Not that ZillaKami is trash or anything. This album just sounds like the meanest, most threatening bully you could ever encounter on some dirty ass streets. It’s also pretty short, so they aren’t asking too much of their listeners. If you like gritty street Rap, you need to hear this album. It’s dope as hell.

Favorite Song: Sleeping Gas
Least Favorite Song: Cocaine Corral


Grade: A-

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