Album Review | Darko the Super – Cruising with Darko & the Jets

This album was released on September 3rd this year. Darko the Super is another one of the most prolific artists I know of right now. I haven’t covered all of his material, but everything that I have written about has been really dope. My favorite project from him is There’s a Horse in the Hospital, which blew me away. I haven’t heard any of the singles from this new project, so I’m kinda going into it with no expectations. I’m not really sure who handled the production, but I’m assuming Darko did it himself, so that’s pretty cool. If I find out someone else did it I’ll update this review later.

As always, I’ll write about the songs I like before discussing the tracks that I won’t be returning to. The album begins with Heaven, which has a really warm, comforting instrumental and melody. It sounds kind of Gospel-ish. I really like it, even though I typically dislike Gospel music. The verse from Darko is great. The fuzzy vocal filter makes it kinda hard to make out what he’s saying at certain points.

There's no telephones in this cuckoo's nest
You get your pills and a bulletproof vest
Back when life had meaning
Now I spend my days dreaming
You brought a knife to a gunfight
A shotgun to the softball game
Sad clown? More like clinically insane

I really like this track. I love the sunny production, and the lyrics from Darko are really cool to me. The song is dope. The melodic production on Spirit World Rising is really nice, and the first verse from Darko is pretty good. I’m not crazy about the hook on this track, but it’s not really bad. The second verse is great.

I'm a genius, I mean this
Your girlfriend said you gotta small penis
I'm just kidding, you ain't got no girlfriend
I can't wait for the world's end
I'm glad your mom's here, that's your fanbase
Megatron rejuvenate

I don’t love this track quite as much as the opening song, but it’s still pretty good to me. The beat on Daisy Age to Dizzy Age is really lighthearted and bright sounding. The song is really short, so there’s only time for one quick verse from Darko before the track ends. The verse is pretty good though.

Jesus doesn't want me, not even for a sunbeam
Broke all mirrors, I'm too ugly
The well went dry, the day the music died

I think I misquoted that first line, but it is what it is. The song is pretty good to me overall. It’s followed by an even better track entitled X-Ray Glasses. The jazzy production on this track is phenomenal. It’s got one of my favorite beats on the whole album. The first verse from Torito is fire too.

Doze through classes
Goin' through life with your nose stuffed in asses
Assassin on the road to Damascus
Scope on the rifle's got rose-colored glasses

The second verse from Darko is pretty dope too. I definitely think Torito had the more impressive performance lyrically, but certain listeners might prefer Darko’s more animated delivery. Overall, I think this is one of the better tracks on the album. It’s really dope to me. The following track is entitled Cruising (Crew Zen). Believe it or not, Darko the Super actually reminded me of E-40 on this track. His delivery and flow just kinda sounded like something E-40 would do in my opinion. His verse is really dope.

I hate life more than you
Mom, I burned my hand with the chicken cordon bleu
Kobe & Jordan too
We all can't be the greatest, but you can be my favorite

The beat is really fast paced and energetic. I think it’s a pretty fun-sounding instrumental. It sounds like something I’d hear in a party game like Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. I think that’s Height Keech on the second verse, but I may be wrong. The song features him and Nosaj from New Kingdom, and I don’t really know their voices that well. Anyway, whoever performed that second verse did a great job. I think it’s really good. The hook isn’t really anything special to me, but it serves its purpose well enough as a break between the two verses. Overall, I think the song is pretty good. It’s followed by an interlude called Keep on Cruising, which I think is really dope. I love the production, and Darko’s goofy singing is really endearing. It’s a dope interlude. Track 7 is called The Get Back, and it has a pretty cool instrumental. Darko’s scatterbrained verse on this track is dope too.

Lick the spoon
Sick of who? I'm sick of you
My size 16 shoe, up your booty
We could eat kettle corn 'til your eyes get droopy
Don't settle for DiGiorno, you're better than that
Lead inside of mags, toe tags and baseball bats

The song is pretty much just one verse, so there’s not a lot going on here. I really like it though. I think it’s a pretty good song. It’s followed by I Don’t Care, which features Ardamus & andrew. Once again, the production here is really warm and comforting sounding. It’s got another one of my favorite beats on the project. I really like Darko’s fast paced flow on the first verse, and the way Ardamus comes in right behind is cool. As someone from North Carolina, I appreciated that line from andrew. about Petey Pablo. Ardamus probably had my favorite verse, which caught me by surprise since he’s the only one I’d never heard of before. He was really good though. Overall, I think the song is pretty good. Track 10 is called Cataracts, and it’s one of the better songs on the album in my opinion. I really like the lighthearted, breezy production, and the first verse from Darko is great.

Teenage suicide, tears of a sad clown
I'm on the outside, whistle a cab down
Donna with the black mags, dribble down the block
CDs in my backpack, hidden in my socks
5 dollar bills, she swallow pills
Feelin' hollow still, power moves a planet
Causin' mass damage, critical
Proportions are biblical
Magical, whimsical, tragical, beautiful
Stupid fools need to stay off the YouTubes
Loose screws and Juice Crews
A who's who of bad news
Time to pay the dues and play the Blues

I really love the sung hook from Steve Sachs too. I think this is one of the most fleshed out, complete-sounding songs on the project. It’s a really dope track. It’s followed by Wanna Be Loved. This is definitely one of the best tracks on the album in my opinion. I really like the lighthearted, cheerful sounding production. Both of the verses from Darko are dope, and this track easily has the best hook on the album. I have no gripes with this track. I think it’s dope. The penultimate track is entitled Loner. This song has another one of the best beats on the album, and the rapping from Darko fits over it really well. I actually think this song has one of the best vocal performances from Darko on the whole project. He killed this track. I really like the way the song is structured too; he’s just rapping the whole time with no hook or bridge or anything like that.

Can I kick it? That's rhetorical
I came to the spot lookin' like the oracle
It's a miracle, how'd it get so lyrical?
As we proceed to give you what you need
Livin' on the bus from that movie Speed

The song is dope. The closing song is entitled Long Time Coming, and it’s definitely a highlight for me, especially from a production standpoint. I think the beat is pretty awesome. Once again, Darko’s rapping with a fuzzy vocal filter, which makes it a little harder to understand what he’s saying. The verses are still dope though, and I like the hook on this track as well. My favorite aspect of the song is definitely the production, but Darko did his thing too. It’s a pretty good song. The only song on the album that I don’t see myself returning to is Fountain of Youth (Mountain of Dew). This isn’t a bad song, but it just doesn’t have much replay value for me. I’m not crazy about the smooth production, and I couldn’t really get into Darko’s rapping since it had such a strong vocal filter on it that fuzzed out his voice. It sounds like he’s rapping through a megaphone. The actual verses from Darko aren’t bad at all though.

God likes to give us little tests I never know the answers to
She's an actor, philanthropist, and dancer too
Livin' on the avenue, like 2Pac, I ain't mad at you

I think the hook is pretty funny too.

Rich people drink from the fountain of youth
Poor people drink from the mountain of dew

Overall, I don’t think the song is bad at all. It just doesn’t have much replay value for me personally.

This is a pretty good album. It’s definitely my least favorite project that I’ve heard from Darko so far, but I still enjoyed it overall. I think the production is really good for the most part, and Darko’s whimsical rapping is just as good as it’s always been. The features all came through with some dope performances too. I think the main reason that I didn’t like this album quite as much as the other projects that I’ve heard from Darko is because of the simplistic song structures. There weren’t that many memorable hooks here. The few hooks that were present on this album were all pretty good though. Overall, this isn’t really one of the best projects I’ve heard this year, but I’m glad that I listened to it because I think it’s a good album. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. It’s dope to me.

Favorite Song: Heaven
Least Favorite Song: Fountain of Youth (Mountain of Dew)


Grade: B-

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