The Best Songs of May 2022

Here are the Apple Music & Spotify versions of the playlist of my favorite tracks from this past May. Shoutout to Kendrick Lamar for releasing my favorite album of the month. There is one song from May that I couldn’t include on this playlist because it’s not on DSPs, but I want to bring it to your attention anyway. It’s called Racism brings people together, and it’s by Tokyo Cigar & August Fanon. I’ll embed the Bandcamp page for that song so that you guys can check it out. Anyway, throw this playlist on shuffle and let me know what your favorite track is, as well as what your favorite project from this past May was.

Click HERE for the  Music version of this playlist



  1. Are you gonna review any immortal technique albums soon? Or any Canibus albums? Or any Kool g rap albums?

    • If they drop something new i’ll probably cover it. I know canibus has been dropping a lot lately so he’s most likely to get coverage out of the names you mentioned.

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