FHH Update 8-03-2022

Hi. As you all of have probably noticed, things have been slowing down on this blog for the past couple weeks, and I’m not really sure that I have a valid excuse. I’ve just been in kind of a weird spot lately. I think a big part of it has been the fact that my sleep schedule is completely fucked up. It’s starting to get better, but for like a week straight I wasn’t waking up until 3 PM every day. There was one day where I didn’t wake up until 8 PM. I also just got some really bad news that’s been stressing me out and kinda sent me into a spiral of depression. Shit is kinda bad right now. I don’t really wanna get into what happened. All my problems are first world problems, so I don’t wanna complain too much. Just know that I’m really stressed out. Anyway, I’m not really trying to focus too much on the negative side of things in this post. I just want y’all to know why I’ve been inactive lately. There is some slightly good news though. I mean, it’s not really that great. Nobody probably cares aside from me. It’s worth mentioning though. I recently found out that I have 150 subscribers on YouTube. That may not seem like a lot to most people, but for me that is a huge deal because I don’t even consider myself a youtuber really. 90% of my uploads are shitposts. The only other content I have uploaded is the five episodes of my podcast, which is still currently in limbo. A couple of my shitposts have gone viral, so I guess that’s why I have more subscribers than I expected. It makes me want to become more active on YouTube, but I don’t know what type of content to upload, so if anyone has any ideas let me know. I was thinking about becoming a weedtuber, but when I tried making a video it didn’t go well because I’m not used to speaking to a camera. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try it again some day. I also recently found out that I have 50 followers on SoundCloud, which is also more than I expected. The first few episodes of the podcast are available on my profile, along with some other random shit, such as a Metro Boomin’ & Public Enemy mashup. There are also a couple playlists up there. So yeah. Follow me everywhere. I forgot to tell y’all that I made a new Twitter account this past March too. Here’s a link to my LinkTree, which has links for all my social media accounts down towards the bottom of the page. I think that’s everything I have to say. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention my Discord server. If you haven’t joined the Focus Hip Hop server yet, you’re fuckin’ up. We have a pretty good community already, but I’d love to have even more people. Here’s the invite link. Okay, now I think that’s everything. Sorry again for how slow things have been. Hopefully things will pick up again after a couple weeks, but I don’t know for sure.



  1. You could have reviewed 10 albums in the time it took you to write this post.Ha ha, I kid. Health is #1 my fella…lay of the drugs

  2. You’re not tripping. I have an artist friend who has been lamenting his output of late, turns out a mountain of stress has essentially incapacitated his creative drive. This stuff will be around, key is taking enough care of yourself to make sure you will too.

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