Album Review | Logic – The Incredible True Story

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This album came out two days ago, which was November 13th. Logic’s last album came out in October last year, and that shit was great. Under Pressure was actually the second project that I ever reviewed on this website. I took the review down because it was fuckin’ awful, but I may redo it someday. Logic is one of my favorite rappers tho. I’ve only heard Welcome To Forever & Under Pressure, but everything I’ve heard from him has been great. I’m just expecting this album to be a huge ass collection of great songs. I’m expecting this to be one of the best albums I’ve heard all year because I really think that Logic is that good. He has a great ear for beats and he can rap his ass off. I haven’t heard the singles that he’s dropped for this shit, so all of these songs are completely new to me. That album cover is dope af by the way. The covers for Under Pressure were great too. I’m glad he chose to have this one done in that same style. I really like that style. There’s not really any reason for me to believe that this won’t be great. Even the trailer looked dope af.

Track 1: Contact (Prod. Logic & Stefan Ponce)

This opening sounds really fuckin’ cinematic. The production sounds really polished so far. This is dope. This is just an instrumental intro. It’s great. It sounds like Logic is singin’ in the background, but I can’t really make out anything he’s saying. Okay, something’s happening now. As you can see by the dope ass cover art, the album takes place on some sort of spaceship. I know this is supposed to be a concept album, but I’m not exactly sure what the story is. So I guess I’m listening to this the right way. Okay, this obviously takes place in the future. “What’d you do on the way here? Oh you know. Just listening to some oldies. Oldies? Like who? Logic.” This is actually pretty cool. Wow. I just found out some crazy shit… Okay, I’m ’bout to explain this shit to y’all. The guy who was listening to “some oldies” is named Thomas (he’s the white guy to the right of Logic on the cover), and the guy he’s speaking to is Kai (the guy to the left of Logic). That weird ass computer chick from the last album, Thalia, is actually a part of the spaceship’s computer. Apparently, when you listen to Under Pressure, you’re really just listening to Thomas listen to Under Pressure. That’s why you hear Thalia, or Thomas’ spaceship, spewing out random facts about the album all the time. Thomas said he was listening to Under Pressure “on the way here.” So that was a part of the story too. Goddamn.

Kai & Thomas are about to listen to Logic’s second album now. They’re about to listen to this album. So, are they gonna hear this skit? This shit is bananas. I wonder if Logic was planning this shit when he first made Under Pressure. Damn. Logic might be even better than I thought. I should wait to hear the actual music before I get excited tho. This is really just a skit, so I’m not gonna give it a rating. I’m excited as hell tho.

Track 2: Fade Away (Prod. Logic)

Fade Away

This beat is dope af. I didn’t know Logic was also a producer. Well, maybe I did know at one point… I like this hook. It works. It’s not amazing, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Damn. Logic is goin’ the fuck in. He’s talkin’ about how everybody dies. This motherfucker’s flow always sounds pristine. He is spittin’ his motherfuckin’ ass off. Look at this shit. “Never regretted / The second I said it / I feel like I’m smarter; I read it on Reddit / You’re fucking pathetic / My etiquette murder ya predicate / Bitch, I’m ahead of it.” Goddamn. He killed both of the verses. The beat is smoother than a motherfucker. His flow was crazy on this shit. This is great. Woah. The beat just got real slow and smooth. Okay, here’s another skit. Wow. I’m actually really enjoying these skits. That’s not usually the case. I guess if the concept is interesting enough then skits actually can add to an album. Hahaha. Yeah, that skit was actually pretty entertaining. I liked that shit, man. There was a Big Sean cameo. I’m not a fan of him at all, but it was cool that he was on here. This song is dope af, and I actually really enjoyed that skit. 5/5

Track 3: Upgrade (Prod. Logic & 6ix)

That skit ties in pretty nicely with this song. This beat is dope. Goddamn. Logic’s fucking flow is crazy. The hook’s cool I guess. It’s simple, and it doesn’t last long, which is a good thing. Logic fuckin’ killed this shit, man. The beat is dope, he killed the verses, and the hook does it’s job well. This song is real short, but that’s not a bad thing at all. There really isn’t anything that I dislike about this shit. I’d have to reach for negatives. I think I’m still just gonna call this one dope tho. It’s definitely not bad at all, but I wasn’t really blown away by anything. His flow was crazy and everything, but that isn’t enough to make a song dope af. If it was, then all of Tech N9ne’s albums would’ve gotten a 100. That damn sure didn’t happen, and it probably never will if we’re being real. This song is dope tho. I fuck with this shit. 4/5

Track 4: White People (Scene)

This isn’t really a negative, but for some reason the fact that it says “scene” instead of “skit” bothers me way more than it should. I’m not gonna tell y’all what happens in this one, but it’s just as entertaining as the others. I really like these characters, and this story that’s being told is really cool.

Track 5: Like Woah (Prod. Logic & 6ix)

Like Woah

This was the second single from this album. As I said in the preamble, I haven’t heard this song. Okay, this beat is fuckin’ crazy. The hook is cool. Logic did his thing on the first verse. Goddamn. This beat is great. The second verse was cool too. He’s not spittin’ about super dark & serious shit; this is just a smooth ass song. The production is the best thing about this song. I guess Logic’s flow could be argued as the best thing too. This is a cool song. I’m not amazed or anything. The verses felt a little short to me. I feel like I was just listening to the beat and Logic yelling “LIKE WOAH!” for the majority of the song. I definitely fuck with this shit tho. This is dope. 4/5

Track 6: Young Jesus Feat. Big Lenbo (Prod. 6ix)

Young Jesus

This was the first single released for the album. I guess Big Lenbo is a member of The Rattpack. Hey… Whatever happened to QuESt? I wonder what he’s workin’ on… Wow. I just looked it up. He’s actually done a lot of shit apparently. He’s not going by QuESt anymore tho. He’s just going by his real name Sylvan LaCue. Damn. I liked the name QuESt. Apparently it was just some random ass lady at a coffee shop that convinced him to change his stage name. He’s working on a direct sequel to Searching Sylvan called Far From Familiar. That should be good. I should review Searching Sylvan next year… Anyway, this song is starting now, and the beat is great. It has kind of an old school feel, as Logic acknowledges in the intro. It’s great to hear him spit over something a little grittier. One of the few gripes I had with Under Pressure was that the whole thing was super smooth. That’s not really a bad thing, but I just wanted him to switch it up a bit more personally. The buttery production got old to me. Logic is spittin’ his ass off. The break between the verses is cool. Lenbo’s about go in now. His verse was actually really dope too. I like that guy. I wonder if he’s gonna break out like QuESt did… His verse didn’t make me think that he was on the same level as QuESt or anything, but he still sounds pretty dope. I’d be willing to give one of his projects a shot. The third verse is starting now. Goddamn, Logic’s flow is so dope. He’s trading bars with Big Lenbo. This is great. “Lookin’ for a Latin Leo to hold a brother down like the white man / Fuck that, nigga.” Yeah, I definitely fuck with Big Lenbo. “Smack you with the palm / Save the back for your mom.” This is dope af. I’m finna check that music video out now. It’s taking fucking forever to load. It’s dope so far tho. Logic is working in a restaurant. He just served a burger and some fries to someone, and when he set it down on the table, like 4 fries flew off the plate. That’s great. Hahaha. This music video is actually really funny. This is great. The song is dope af, and so is the music video. 5/5

Track 7: Innermission Feat. Lucy Rose (Prod. 6ix & Sir Dylan)

This beat is dope af. It’s real smooth. Logic’s goin’ in about how “all people are created equal” and “brothers and sisters from different mothers and misters / All different colors and creed all come together for me.” You can really tell that the diversity of his fanbase means a lot to him. Lucy Rose did a great job with that hook. It’s smooth as fuck. The second verse was dope af. This song is smoother than a motherfucker. Uh oh. There’s another skit on this outro. This should be good. This is probably the first time in my life that I’ve ever looked forward to the skits in an album. Huh. This one’s actually pretty confusing. Logic’s interviewing some little ass kid. I don’t know who the kid is or why Logic is talking to him. They’re just talking about space. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. The song is dope af. 5/5

Track 8: I Am The Greatest (Prod. Syk Sense, OZ & Logic)

Okay, this shit is gonna be dope af. I know he wouldn’t give this track a title like that if he wasn’t gonna spit his fuckin’ ass off. There was a snippet of this song in the trailer for the album, and what I heard sounded dope af. This beat is dope af. The first verse was cool, but he didn’t really seem to be goin’ in for real. He’s probably gonna go hard on the last verse. The hook is cool. Damn. This second verse was great. Hahahaha. He pretty much just dissed every mainstream rapper ever. “You fuck bitches and get money, that’s wassup / It’s all good, but all these people do not give a fuck.” That’s so true tho. I never understood why people who talk about nothing always become the most popular. Only a few artists are able to get really huge without doing that, which is just fucked up. Logic killed that second verse. That was great. Oh… Oh what the fuck? It’s over? Only two short verses? WHY? This song is dope, but I really think that it could’ve been on another level if he had a third verse where he just went off for at least 32 bars. That would’ve been dope af. I’m a little disappointed, but this is still dope. I fuck with this. 4/5

Track 9: The Cube (Scene)

This is just a skit where Kai talks about how “bitches love the rubiks cube.” The video above is basically the same thing, except it sounds like they recorded a slightly different version. I don’t know why. It’s cool tho. Kinda pointless, but it is what it is.

Track 10: Lord Willin’ (Prod. Logic, 6ix & Sir Dylan)

This beat is dope af. It actually sounds different from the kinda shit that Logic usually spits over. Logic’s first verse was dope. The hook is dope too. The second verse is starting now. He killed it. This shit is great. The beat is dope af. We get two great verses and a good hook too. I don’t have much to say other than this shit is dope af. I fuck with this. This song is great. 5/5

Track 11: City Of Stars (Prod. 6ix & Logic)

Goddamn… This fucking beat is so great.


Logic is singin’ a lot. I’m over a minute in, and he’s just been singin’ the whole time about what seems like a breakup that he had with somebody. He better start rappin’ at some point. I don’t think he’s a bad singer or anything; he actually has a pretty good voice. This just isn’t what I want from him. The topic doesn’t interest me very much, but the fuckin’ beat is bonkers and if he starts rappin’ with that flow over this shit then that will be great. Damn. This beat is kinda electronic too. It kinda sounds like something that could’ve been on 808s & Heartbreak. Oh man. It’s been two minutes… He’s still singing. Now three minutes. Uh oh… Ah shit… After four minutes he starts goin’ the fuck in. Yes. He’s fuckin’ goin’ in. “I didn’t talk about my race on the whole first album, but black vs. white bullshit was the still the outcome / How come these motherfuckers can’t seem to let it go / Judging rap by race instead of the better flow.” Goddamn. This motherfucker is spittin’ for real. “I love Hip Hop and I hate Hip Hop ’cause people that love Pac hope that Drake get shot ’cause he raps about money and bitches; for heaven’s sake, Pac did the same shit, just on a drum break.” Damn. This shit is crazy. Logic fucking killed that last verse. Goddamn. Fuck. I wanna call this shit dope af, but the majority of this song wasn’t really doing it for me. I didn’t like the singin’ part. I’m honestly gonna have to cut out that first part in GarageBand. That’s just me tho. I know the majority of Logic’s audience are gonna love everything about this song. I can be objective and say that this song is great. That’s not what I do tho. There’s a reason that this website’s url is just my name. I do subjective reviews. I say how I feel about this shit. It’s okay. It’s a great song, but to me it’s okay. There’s a strong ass Kanye West influence on this shit. It sounds like Graduation and a little bit of 808s & Heartbreak. I fuck with the second half of this shit. That shit is dope. The overall track is just okay to me tho. 3/5

Track 12: Stainless Feat. Dria (Prod. Logic, 6ix & DJ Dahi)

Yes. DJ Dahi is fucking great, so this beat should be dope af. Yup. I was right. This shit is crazy. Goddamn. Logic just murdered that first verse. His flow was bananas. This beat is really upbeat. I fuck with this shit man. This is great. The hook is dope. Hahaha what the fuck? This chick Dria is singin’, but her flow is just as fast as Logic’s. Lmao. I guess it’s kinda like what Drake does, except she doesn’t sound like she’s half asleep. Ouch. My stomach kinda hurts. I’m hungy. The Dria shit was kinda funny to me just because of how different it sounded, but I liked it. It was dope. Logic just sounds so happy to be making this music. He fucking murdered both of these verses. His flow is crazy. This shit is dope af. I definitely fuck with this. 5/5

Track 13: Babel (Scene)

Alright, this skit is pretty dope. You actually find out what the mission that Kai & Thomas are on is, and why they’re in space. Thomas is talkin’ about how he’s worried that they won’t find “Paradise,” which is any planet that can replace Earth, which was destroyed by humans & climate change & shit. This is dope.

Track 14: Paradise Feat. Jesse Boykins III (Prod. Sir Dylan, Logic, 6ix & Tae Beast)

Damn. This beat’s probably gonna be dope af too. I fuck with Tae Beast. I guess all of the beats have been pretty dope so far. Goddamn. This fucking beat…


It sounds a lot darker than the other shits on this project so far. This is probably the darkest song lyrically too. Logic is goin’ in with a clean ass flow about his life growin’ up in a fucked up environment. Goddamn. This shit is crazy. This might be the most interesting song on the album to me lyrically. The production is crazy too. I’m not in love with this Boykins guy, but he wasn’t bad. He did his thing. Uh oh. The beat just switched up. Goddamn. This production is bananas. Logic is goin’ the fuck in. This shit is really dark and personal. It’s so dope. As a fellow “mixed brotha,” I appreciate Logic’s discussion of all the bullshit that he’s experienced because of his racial ambiguity because I’ve faced a lot of the same shit. This song is fucking fantastic. I definitely fuck with this shit. It’s dope af. 5/5

Track 15: Never Been (Prod. C-Sick)

Oh, that’s interesting. He switched up a lot of the producers for the last four tracks. I’m so fucking hungry. I’m ’bout to get myself something to eat before I listen to this shit. I made a bold decision and chose to eat one banana. I also got a delicious sandwich. Holy fuck that sandwich was incredible. The banana was cool too I guess… Goddamn. This beat is dope af. This hook is alright. I guess. I’m not really in love with the way he says “NEVA BEN!” It’s not that bad tho. Both of the verses are dope. “I spit knowledge like the listener is my only son, and grip the mic like I’m at war and it’s my only gun.” I’m not so sure about the way this song ends either. It sounds like a gospel inspired chorus is singin’ the hook. The song is dope tho. I just didn’t love the hook or the way it ended. It was cool tho. This is dope. 4/5

Track 16: Run It (Prod. C-Sick)

This beat is a lot more energetic than the previous one. It’s dope. I like how this song doesn’t have a hook. He’s just spittin’ with some short breaks in between each verse. Goddamn. He fucking murdered that last verse. Since this song’s structure is so simple, there’s not really much for me to say. The beat’s cool, and Logic killed this shit. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 17: Lucidity (Scene)

Goddamn, this album is long. This is just a skit about how Thomas is impatient and needs “something more.”

Track 18: The Incredible True Story (Prod. DJ Khalil, Logic & 6ix)

This beat is incredible. Goddamn. This fucking beat is incredible. Wow. Logic’s already spit two verses. This shit is goin’ by quick. It’s so dope. Okay, he’s spittin’ a third verse right now. A lot of the songs on this album have only had two verses, so I doubt that there’ll be more than three. Okay. It’s pretty much over at this point. There’s a long ass speech at the end. The song lasts about 4 and a half minutes if you count the speech sample, but it feels pretty short. I don’t know. The song is great, but something about this shit just didn’t feel right to me. I know this is a personal issue, but to be honest it kinda just felt a little overproduced to me. Ah shit. Kai & Thomas are about to land now. Damn. This beat that just started is incredible. I kinda wish he rapped over this shit. Damn. The way this album ends is dramatic af hahaha. It really sounds like I’m listening to a movie. That’s crazy. As an actual song, this shit is dope. I’m hesitant to call this shit dope af because I don’t know how high the replay value is… I feel like I’ll never come back to this one. He probably should’ve made the outro with Kai & Thomas on a second track. It’s a dope song tho. I fuck with this song. 4/5

Track +: Top Ten Feat. Big K.R.I.T. (Prod. 6ix)

This song isn’t on the album, but he released it before this album was even announced, and I wanted to talk about it. Logic & Big K.R.I.T. are two of my favorite rappers, and their styles are pretty similar in a lot of ways, so when I saw that they made a track together, I was like “cool.” Now that I’m listening to it again, I just realized that this sounds like it could’ve been on this album. It really sounds like a leftover from the album. The beat is smooth as fuck, and both MCs kill it. Big K.R.I.T. sounded incredible over this smooth ass beat. I hope K.R.I.T. & Logic collaborate more in the future because this shit went very well. The beat isn’t as huge or cinematic as the shits on the actual album, but it doesn’t need to be. 6ix can handle it himself. When there are so many cooks in the kitchen the beat can sound a little overdone. This beat is great tho. I fuck with this song. This shit is dope af. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

That shit was dope. It just barely missed the “dope af” title, but it’s still a great album. Logic is an incredible MC. There’s no way you can deny that. He can rap his motherfuckin’ ass off. I had absolutely no problems with his verses. I even liked all of the features. That guy Big Lenbo did a great job. The only problems I had were with the album’s sounds. That’s an incredibly subjective thing too. I’m sure most people won’t mind any of this shit, but this album kinda has the same problem to me that his first one did. I want more sonic variety when it comes to the production. All of these beats sounds really smooth and clean and polished. As I said earlier, I’d really like to hear Logic rhyme over some grimier production. None of the beats were bad tho. They just all had a very similar sound. I never thought that I would say something like this, but sonically, it almost seems like the production is too consistant. I want to hear him switch the production style up a bit more in the future. He didn’t really seem to move out of his comfort zone at all. It’s almost like listening to a second disk of the first album. I didn’t hear that much progression from the previous album. There’s not really anything else to say tho. It’s a great album from an incredible MC. I still feel like he can do better than this, but there really isn’t anything wrong with this album by itself. He had a very interesting concept, and while it didn’t really seem to affect any of the actual music, it did make me actually enjoy the skits of an album for once, so that was cool. I think this album is great. I definitely fuck with this shit. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: Paradise

Least Favorite Song: City Of Stars




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