I’M REBRANDING! | Update 6-1-2017

So, as you’ve hopefully noticed, I’ve updated this website’s design. Let’s talk about the new shit. First of all, I made it so you can actually see the album cover when you click on a review. I also centered everything. You couldn’t do that before, which annoyed the shit outta me. It shouldn’t have ever been pushed over to the left like that in the first place. You can’t tell yet, but I’ve also changed the way quotes are shown in my reviews. Here’s an example of a Jay Electronica quote using my new format.

It’s quite amazing that you rhyme how you do and that you shine like you grew up in a shrine in Peru.

There’s also a little “about the author” section at the end of each article. After you pass the comment section, you can see the latest tweets from me. This next part is my favorite. After you see the timeline of my tweets, I posted a playlist of all of my “favorite tracks” from each review. Well, not ALL of them. Just the 10 most recent ones. So that’ll be updated after each review. Also, if the project doesn’t have any songs that are rated at least 4/5, then it just won’t be a part of the playlist. After that I added two little icons for my Twitter & YouTube accounts. If you just click on them it’ll take you to their respective pages. I’ll probably stop saying “Follow me on Twitter: @OGNickMarsh” at the end of every article now. So yeah, that’s pretty much everything that’s changed so far, aside from a few minor edits to the color palette. In a few weeks—or maybe days—I’ll also be changing the actual name of this website. I’m still not exactly sure what to call it, so if you have any ideas let me know. So yeah, I think those are all the changes to the actual website. Oh shit I almost forgot to mention the new Marathons page. Go ahead. Try it. Go to the Marathons page. That’s right, bitches. I made it way less stupid. Now each marathon has it’s own page, so it should be easier to navigate. I also think I’m gonna change my rating system. I’m thinking of getting rid of all the numbers and just going with letter grades. I mean, I’m not completely getting rid of the number grades; I’d just rather make things simpler and use letter grades—on a VERY lenient grading scale. I think I’m gonna stop showing my actual ratings of each track. You’ll also only see the score each album receives if it’s featured in a marathon. It should be pretty easy to guess what each track is out of five tho. I’ll give y’all the basic breakdown of my whole grading system…


  • Dope af = 5/5
  • Dope = 4/5
  • Decent/okay/alright = 3/5
  • Wack = 2/5
  • Wack af = 1/5
  • Dogshit = 0/5


  • 96-100 = A+
  • 90-95 = A
  • 86-89 = A-
  • 80-85 = B+
  • 76-79 = B
  • 70-75 = B-
  • 66-69 = C+
  • 60-65 = C
  • 56-59 = C-
  • 45-55 = D+
  • 35-44 = D
  • 20-34 = D-
  • 0-19 = F

So yeah when it comes to my website, I’ve said everything I need to say. I usually post one article a day over the Summer, and I plan on doing the same this year. I’m officially done with high school, and I don’t start classes at Pace University until September 1st, so you should be getting a shit ton of content for a long time. Things’ll obviously slow down once I’m actually in college tho. I’m really excited. It’s in New York City. I can’t wait. I’m so glad I’m done with high school. 12th grade was literally the worst year of my life. Donald Trump became the president, my dad lost his job, I had my heart broken, my best friend finessed me and now we never talk, I attempted suicide twice, and then my principal basically suspended me for being depressed. Damn. What a year. That’s high school tho. It’s fucking hell. I’m just ready to start everything over in college. I guess the whole rebranding of my website is part of that too. The real reason I’m changing my website’s name is because I only talk about Hip Hop, so the name it has right now makes it seem like there isn’t anything more to black culture than it’s music. I’m also working on a special summer vlog, kinda like the one I did for Spring Break, except less dumb. If you kept up with all the other vlogs, you probably know that I’m planning a road trip with my friends. I’m actually gonna be doing that eventually—hopefully in July—but unfortunately it won’t be with the OG gang. It’ll be different people who’ve never been in the vlogs before. Well, actually some of them have. Most of them haven’t tho, so yeah. I think that’s pretty much all I need to say tho. Again, lemme know if you have any ideas for the new title of this website.



  1. Digging the new layout ese, will be cool seeing the new grading scale.

    Best of luck in New York homie, sucks to hear about what happened during your senior year brother. Best advice I can give you is never forget who did you wrong because sooner or later they will slip up and the tables will turn and you handle that is up to you.

    Also try going to as many concerts you can because it’s always nice to soak in the music right and direct.

    Best of wishes homie

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