EP Review | Big K.R.I.T. – THRICE X

This EP was released on November 16th this year. Big K.R.I.T. is one of my favorite rappers, and this EP is following up his best album to date, 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time. I don’t really have too much to say before checking this project out. I’m expecting it to be really good. I’ve never heard a bad project from K.R.I.T. This is gonna be dope. Every song is self produced, except where noted. 

1. Higher (King, Pt. 6)

Huh… I heard King, Pt. 4. I don’t remember hearing a fifth one though. Did he skip that one? I can’t find it anywhere… That’s strange… I guess it doesn’t really matter though. Anyway, I can tell right away that this is probably gonna be my favorite song. The entire track is just one long verse. It’s really intense. The beat from K.R.I.T. is dope, and so is the verse. I actually like the autotuned vocals that come in between each verse too. It sounds pretty good. I don’t think this song is quite as good as the fourth King song, but it’s definitely a really great track. The way the verse is structured kind of keeps it from getting as aggressive as the fourth one. It’s still really great though. I love this track. It’s dope af.

2. Glorious

This track has a pretty dope beat. It has a similar vibe as the previous track. This song has a more traditional structure than the previous one. There’s actually a hook, which isn’t bad at all. His flow on the first verse is awesome. Same goes for the second verse. This is another really good track. I don’t like it quite as much as the previous track, but it’s still really dope. There’s not really a single aspect of the song that I don’t like. It’s kind of a celebratory track. He’s rejoicing about being independent again. Anyway, I really fuck with this song. It’s dope.

3. Look What I Got produced by Supah Mario

The beat on this track is pretty nice. It’s a bit more airy than the previous couple tracks. I like the extra elements that come in once the first verse starts. The hook is really simplistic. It’s nothing special, but it works. K.R.I.T.’s flow on the first verse is smoother than a motherfucker. Same goes for the second verse. They aren’t really anything special lyrically, but he sounds good as hell delivering them. This is another really dope song. I don’t like it quite as much as the previous one just because the hook is a bit repetitive, but it’s certainly not bad at all. This shit is dope.

This EP is great, just as I predicted. It’s less than ten minutes long, so there was no room for error, and I think he came through. Every single track is dope. He’s not really doing anything new with these three tracks. They kinda feel like leftovers from his previous album to be honest. It’s more of the same sound. That’s a good thing though. It’s typical Big K.R.I.T. music. Anyone who’s ever heard him before should know what to expect. This is a great EP. I don’t think there are any consistent flaws. It’s dope.

Favorite song: higher
least favorite song: look what I got


Grade: B+

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