FHH Update 8-29-2019

I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but I’m really fucking far behind on music right now, and at this rate, I’ll probably still be stuck in like August by the time the year ends, so I’m gonna have to switch up my formula unfortunately. I was trying to write a full review for literally every release that I listened to this year, which is the main reason I’m still stuck in the month of May. A couple weeks ago I realized that this wasn’t gonna work, so I’m only gonna be doing my usual track-by-track format for certain, more well-known releases. If an album really makes a strong impression on me, I’ll do a full review. However, for most of the shit that’s been coming out, in order to get through each project faster, I’m just gonna give my thoughts on the project as a whole, rather than writing about every single track. Here’s an example of what it’ll be like…

Tardy EP Review | Jace – #FreeJACE

This project is okay. When it first started I thought it was gonna be far better than it ended up being. That first track set the bar pretty high, and unfortunately the rest of the tape just got progressively worse for the most part. I don’t think any of the songs on this project are flat out wack, but there are certainly a lot of elements to some of these tracks that I’d say are pretty bad. If the entire time he was rapping like he did on that opening song this probably would’ve been one of the better projects that I heard from the month of May, but that unfortunately just wasn’t the case. I’m definitely gonna keep my eye on Jace in the future because it’s clear to me from this mixtape that he’s a talented dude. I just think if he focuses on being a bit more unique and original he could do some great things. There were a lot of moments on this project that just felt generic or frankly uninteresting. There are a couple great moments on this tape, but overall it’s just okay to me.

Favorite Song: Metro Intro
Least Favorite Track: Still Alive


Grade: C+

It’ll definitely be a bit more in depth than that though. I’ll say why I didn’t like certain songs. I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes. I haven’t actually started writing reviews in this style yet, so this is all subject to change. Honestly, it’ll probably be a lot like those “Don’t Sleep” reviews that I’ve been doing for non-Hip Hop projects. #FreeJACE is an example of a project that wouldn’t get a full review though. A project that definitely will get a full review is something like Bandana or The Big Day. With this new format, I’ll probably be publishing more than one review every day, so I’ll be able to catch up sooner. My hope is that I’ll be completely caught up with what’s current before the year is over because I really want to be able to give my list of my favorite albums and extended plays of 2019 once the decade is over. I probably won’t be doing a “favorite albums of the decade” list just because that’d be too much work. If there’s a specific album that you really want me to do a full track-by-track review for, let me know, and I’ll try to do it. I hope you guys understand why I’m doing this. So yeah. Lemme know what you think.



  1. As long as you review Tears of Joy from MIKE, I’m good. Also would love to hear your thoughts on Caleb Giles album.

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