Tardy EP Review | Styles P & Noah Styles – Generational Excellence

This extended play was released on June 15th this year. Before I listened to this project, I assumed that it’d just be a regular Styles P project with beats that happened to be produced by his son, Noah. That’s not really what this is though. This is a full on collaborative project with Noah on the mic. I think it started off kinda good with the first two tracks. I liked the beat on the intro a lot, and I thought Styles P sounded great over it. The only issue I really had with it was the hook. I think Noah sounded decent on it, but that reference to Eiffel 65’s Blue was lame as hell to me. I kinda saw it coming when I read the title of the song though. It’s called “Dee Da Dee Da.” This really makes me glad I don’t do video reviews because I never wanna have to say the title of that track out loud. The song itself is cool though. I liked it. The following song, Fast & Feast, was pretty solid too. The production on this one was sufficient, but not really that impressive to me. I thought the actual rapping from Styles P was solid, but definitely not really anything to write home about. I wasn’t crazy about the background vocals from Dyce Payne, but it was okay I guess. The hook was fine. I enjoyed the track overall, but I obviously wasn’t super impressed by it. The only other song I liked was the fourth one, which was surprisingly a solo track from Chris Rivers. I mean, Noah handled the production, but nobody else was rapping aside from Chris. This track probably had my favorite beat on the album, but I wasn’t really blown away by Chris’ performance on it. I thought his verse was cool, but I wasn’t crazy about the hook. I like the song though; it’s pretty good. Unfortunately I didn’t care for the other tracks. I don’t think the closing song was trash. It was just mediocre to me. It features Jaewon, who is actually Jadakiss’ son. I thought the production was decent, and Jaewon was okay over it. I guess his flow was solid, but overall it was just tolerable to me. I didn’t care for the hook. Styles P sounded good on this track, but his verses were super short. Nothing about the song stands out as being especially terrible. It’s just not that great of a song. 17 was a solo track from Noah Styles, and it was pretty goddamn bad. I think the beat’s okay, but I did not care for the autotuned rapping from Noah at all. He’s a pretty young guy, so I wasn’t surprised that he was into this trendy sound, but it’s just not my cup of tea at all. It’d be fine if he did it particularly well, but he really doesn’t. The end of the first verse was genuinely unintelligible to me. So yeah, I thought that song was wack. It’s not the worst track though. The worst track is definitely Up in a Zip. This one is produced by Prophet, who has done a lot of work with Styles P in the past. This beat in particular was decent I guess, if not a little boring. I actually thought Styles P’s rapping was solid on this track. The one thing that really makes this track so bad is that autotuned hook from Noah. That shit was fucking unbearable. The song probably could’ve been decent, but Noah’s hook is just painful to listen to. That song is terrible.

This project is pretty mediocre. I think it’s cool that Styles P can make music with his son, but in the future I really need Noah to stay off the mic. I think he’s a solid producer, but the vocals he contributed were really bad for the most part. It doesn’t really seem like Styles P put that much effort into this one. His rapping is solid, but nowhere near his best work. Much like that Sheek Louch project I just wrote about, I think this is one of those projects that really only needs to be checked out if you’re a super hardcore LOX fan. It’s not good.

Favorite Song: Dee Da Dee Da
Least Favorite Song: Up in a Zip


Grade: D+

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