Rating the LOX’s Discography

If you’re familiar with Jadakiss, you’re aware that he constantly says that he’s “top 5, dead or alive.” I’m pretty sure there are a lot of Hip Hop fans who would agree with that. I have absolutely no idea why though. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Jadakiss is wack at all. He’s a very talented MC. I like him as a rapper. This man has zero good albums though. Does he have good mixtapes? Yes. But he’s the only member of the LOX with zero good albums. Even if we’re just talking about his actual rapping though… Top 5? Really? He’s a good rapper, but nah… Maybe top 5 dead or alive from Yonkers. Maybe top 5 voices in Hip Hop. That makes more sense. As I said in my review of Ghost of All Time, Styles P is my favorite member of the LOX. It’s impressive because he’s also the most the most prolific member in the group. I feel like he’s one of those dudes who’s just constantly thinking of shit to rhyme. I think Sheek Louch is an under-appreciated artist, but I guess I kind of understand it since he has a lot of trash music. He’s got some dope stuff too though. I’m a fan of The LOX, but they’re frustratingly inconsistent, especially Jadakiss. I was insulted when I listened to The Last Kiss. I was absolutely bewildered that he would make something like that. I don’t know why he thinks his fans want that kinda shit. How has he not realized that we just want hardcore street shit from him at this point? Smh… Anyway, I was actually pretty satisfied with that comeback album they had in 2016, and I hope we get another album from them at some point in the relatively-near future. One thing that should be noted is that there are probably a few mixtapes that I missed. I didn’t get to those Al-Qaeda Jada tapes, and I also missed a plethora of tapes by Styles P that had the word “phantom” in their titles. I think I got to most of the notable releases though.

The LOX Albums

Money, Power & Respect

Favorite Song: Everybody Wanna Rat

Score: 76 (B)

We Are the Streets


Favorite Song: Recognize

Score: 63 (C)

Filthy America… It’s Beautiful

Favorite Song: Filthy America

Score: 73 (B-)

Living Off Xperience


Favorite Song: Story

Score: 57 (C-)

The LOX Extended Plays

The Trinity


Favorite Song: Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Score: 82 (B+)

The Trinity: 2nd Sermon


Favorite Song: Let’s Get It

Score: 74 (B-)


Favorite Song: Break It Down

Score: 55 (D+)

The LOX Mixtapes

The Trinity: 3rd Sermon

Favorite Song: Now Listen

Score: 70 (B-)

Jadakiss Albums

Kiss the Game Goodbye


Favorite Song: None of Y’all Betta

Score: 67 (C+)

Kiss of Death

Favorite Song: Bring You Down

Score: 68 (C+)

The Last Kiss

Favorite Song: Pain & Torture

Score: 49 (D)

Top 5, Dead or Alive

Favorite Song: Synergy

Score: 57 (C-)

Friday on Elm Street (with Fabolous)

Friday on Elm Street

Favorite Song: F Vs. J Intro

Score: 58 (C-)



Favorite Song: Huntin’ Season

Score: 46 (D)

Jadakiss Mixtapes

The Champ Is Here (with DJ Green Lantern & Big Mike)


Favorite Song: 40 Bars of Terror

Score: 73 (B-)

Kiss My Ass: The Champ Is Here, Pt. 2 (with DJ Green Lantern)

Favorite Song: Letter to B.I.G.

Score: 68 (C+)

The Champ Is Here 3 (with DJ Green Lantern & DJ Drama)

Favorite Song: Still Hatin’

Score: 75 (B-)

I Love You (A Dedication to My Fans)


Most Tolerable Song: Lay ‘Em Down

Score: 37 (F)

Consignment (with DJ Drama)

Favorite Song: Nightmares & Migraines

Score: 48 (D)

#T5DOA: Freestyle Edition


Favorite Song: Incarcerated Scarfaces

Score: 62 (C)

Styles P Albums

A Gangster & a Gentleman (as Styles)

Favorite Song: The Life

Score: 58 (C-)

Time Is Money

Favorite Song: Leave a Message

Score: 68 (C+)

Super Gangster: Extraordinary Gentleman

Favorite Song: Star of the State

Score: 62 (C)

The Green Ghost Project (with DJ Green Lantern)

Favorite Song: Real Ghostly

Score: 77 (B)

Master of Ceremonies

Favorite Song: We Don’t Play

Score: 80 (B+)

The World’s Most Hardest MC Project

Favorite Song: I Know

Score: 83 (B+)

Float (with Scram Jones)

Favorite Song: Reckless

Score: 69 (C+)

Phantom & the Ghost

Favorite Song: Same Scriptures

Score: 77 (B)

A Wise Guy & a Wise Guy

Favorite Song: Life Time

Score: 65 (C)

The Seven (with Talib Kweli)

Favorite Song: Let It Burn

Score: 84 (B+)

Vibes (with Berner)

Most Tolerable Song: Picture

Score: 40 (D-)


Favorite Song: Curb the Lames

Score: 78 (B)

Beloved (with Dave East)

Favorite Song: Cut from a Different Cloth

Score: 84 (B+)

Dime Bag


Favorite Song: War n’ Peace

Score: 70 (B-)

S.P. the GOAT: Ghost of All Time


Favorite Song: I Ain’t Shit

Score: 80 (B+)


Favorite Song: Blam, Blam, Blam

Score: 75 (B-)

Styles David: Ghost Your Enthusiasm


Favorite Song: Truth Be Told

Score: 70 (B-)


Favorite Song: Hit Different

Score: 63 (C)

Wreckage Manner (with Havoc)

Styles P Mixtapes

Ghost Stories: The World According to P (with Big Mike & Supa Mario)

Favorite Song: Big Pinero

Score: 71 (B-)

The Ghost in the Machine (with Supa Mario & Poobs)


Favorite Song: Ghost Stories, Pt. 2

Score: 80 (B+)

Ghost in the Shell (with Big Mike & Supa Mario)

Favorite Song: MC’s

Score: 71 (B-)

The Ghost That Sat by the Door (with DJ Drama & Don Cannon)

Favorite Song: It’s a Ghost Town

Score: 57 (C-)

The Diamond Life Project

Favorite Song: The Myth

Score: 67 (C+)

Styles P Extended Plays

#The1st28 (with Curren$y)

Favorite Song: Rule Book

Score: 76 (B)

Ghost Trey Bags

Favorite Song: Ghost Shit

Score: 80 (B+)

Nickel Bag


Favorite Song: Roll Around

Score: 78 (B)

Generational Excellence (with Noah Styles)


Favorite Song: Dee Da Dee Da

Score: 55 (D+)

Sheek Louch Albums

Walk Witt Me


Favorite Song: In & Out

Score: 68 (C+)

After Taxes

Favorite Song: Pressure

Score: 75 (B-)

Silverback Gorilla

Favorite Song: What What

Score: 42 (D-)

Life on D-Block

Favorite Song: Time 2 Get Paid

Score: 66 (C+)

Donnie G: Don Gorilla

Favorite Song: Rhyme Animal

Score: 47 (D)

Wu-Block (with Ghostface Killah as Wu-Block)

Favorite Song: Cocaine Central

Score: 87 (A-)

Silverback Gorilla 2

Favorite Song: Trap Stories

Score: 75 (B-)

Sheek Louch Mixtapes


Favorite Song: Keep It Gee

Score: 70 (B-)

Gorillaween, Vol. 2

Favorite Song: Trap Auditorium

Score: 70 (B-)

Sheek Louch Extended Plays

Beast Mode, Vol. 1

Most Tolerable Song: Thugz Prayer

Score: 26 (L)

Beast Mode, Vol. 2

Favorite Song: In Close Range

Score: 54 (D+)

Beast Mode, Vol. 3


Favorite Song: The Fiend

Score: 53 (D+)

Gorillaween, Vol. 3

Favorite Song: Homicide

Score: 68 (C+)

Beast Mode, Vol. 4

Favorite Song: The Morning

Score: 70 (B-)

The LOX Albums: 70 (B-)
The LOX Extended Plays: 70 (B-)
The Trinity Series: 75 (B-)
The LOX Projects: 68 (C+)
Jadakiss Solo Albums: 57 (C)
Jadakiss Albums: 57 (C-)
Jadakiss Mixtapes: 60 (C)
The Champ Is Here Series: 72 (B-)
Jadakiss Projects: 59 (C-)
Styles P Solo Albums: 72 (B-)
Styles P Collaborative Albums: 69 (C+)
Styles P Albums: 71 (B-)
Styles P Mixtapes: 69 (C+)
Styles P Solo Extended Plays: 79 (B)
Styles P Collaborative Extended Plays: 65 (C)
Styles P Extended Plays: 72 (B-)
Styles P Projects: 71 (B-)
Sheek Louch Solo Albums: 62 (C)
Sheek Louch Albums: 65 (C)
Sheek Louch Extended Plays: 54 (D+)
Sheek Louch Projects: 62 (C)


Grade: C+

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