Rating Open Mike Eagle’s Discography

After hearing Open Mike Eagle’s discography, he really became one of my favorite rappers. I actually bumped Ab-Soul from the list to replace him with OME. I still love Ab-Soul, but he’s not as consistent as I want him to be, so that’s my reasoning for that. Anyway, Open Mike Eagle is one of those rare artists who has multiple projects that I personally think are amazing. Not only are his solo projects amazing, but even the shit he does with groups is fantastic. The only project that I won’t be rating here is that Swim Team mixtape that dropped in ’08 because it’s not on streaming platforms, and I was unable to find a decent download of it. But yeah, I’m a huge fan. He’s also one of the few artists whose work I have on vinyl. I got A Special Episode Of on vinyl late last year. Or maybe it was early this year. I can’t remember. It’s currently my favorite record though because it’s red. It’s the only colored record I have at the moment, so it stands out a lot. Oh, I forgot; there’s another project I wasn’t able to hear. Last year, he dropped a demo compilation called The Dark Dark Purple Tape exclusively on cassette. It was an extremely limited release, and the only way to get it was to have a monthly subscription to Starburns Industries Press. So yeah, I obviously wasn’t able to hear that shit. Maybe there’s a way to download the MP3 files online, but I didn’t look into it much. It’d be cool to own, but I don’t even have a tape deck, so I wouldn’t be able to listen to it. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to whatever the fuck OME does musically in the future, despite my lack of zeal for The New Negroes. One thing I’m wondering is if we’ll ever get another Thirsty Fish or Cavanaugh project. I think that’d be really cool…

Open Mike Eagle Albums

Unapologetic Art Rap

Favorite Song: I Rock

Score: 87 (A-)

Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes

Favorite Song: Exiled from the Getalong Gang

Score: 92 (A)

4NML HSPTL (with Awkward)

Favorite Song: Black Clouds

Score: 92 (A)

Dark Comedy

Dark Comedy

Favorite Song: Big Pretty Bridges (3 Days Off in Albuquerque)

Score: 90 (A)

Hella Personal Film Festival (with Paul White)

Favorite Song: Check to Check

Score: 79 (B)

Brick Body Kids Still Daydream

Favorite Song: Brick Body Complex

Score: 85 (B+)

Anime, Trauma & Divorce

Favorite Song: Asa’s Bop

Score: 80 (B+)

Open Mike Eagle Extended Plays

Art Rap Afterparty

Favorite Song: Haircut

Score: 70 (B-)

Extended Nightmares Getdown: The Dark Blue Door

Favorite Song: Four Days

Score: 86 (A-)

Rent Party Extension

Favorite Song: Rent Party Revolution (Taco Neck Remix)

Score: 90 (A)

Sir Rockabye.

Favorite Song: Mef’s Lament

Score: 92 (A)

A Special Episode Of

Favorite Song: Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps)

Score: 90 (A)

What Happens When I Try to Relax


Favorite Song: Microfiche

Score: 78 (B)

Open Mike Eagle Soundtracks

The New Negroes: Season 1 Soundtrack


Favorite Song: Woke as Me

Score: 60 (C)

Thirsty Fish Albums

Testing the Waters

Favorite Song: Snuggleberry Bushes

Score: 80 (B+)


Favorite Song: Working the Numbers

Score: 79 (B)

Thirsty Fish Extended Plays



Favorite Song: G4TV Freestyle 101

Score: 81 (B+)

Cavanaugh Projects

Time & Materials

Favorite Song: Screen Play

Score: 92 (A)

Quarantine Recordings

Favorite Song: Pinky’s Revenge

Score: 64 (C)

Open Mike Eagle Albums: 86 (A-)
Open Mike Eagle Extended Plays: 84 (B+)
Open Mike Eagle Projects: 83 (B+)
Thirsty Fish Albums: 79 (B)
Thirsty Fish Projects: 80 (B+)
Cavanaugh Projects: 78 (B)
Group Albums: 83 (B+)
Group Projects: 79 (B)


Grade: B+

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