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This album was released on January 3rd this year. It’s the self-titled debut album from CAPE, which is a duo consisting of Doseone & Antonionian. Doseone is one of the weirdest Hip Hop artists I’ve ever listened to. I still haven’t actually listened to any of his solo projects. I’m familiar with him because he’s in a shit ton of different groups. I’ve heard stuff from Subtle, 1200 Hobos, Presage, Themselves, Deep Puddle Dynamics, and of course cLOUDDEAD, which seems to be everyone’s favorite. Personally, I think The No Music. by Themselves is the best project I’ve heard that he’s been involved in. That album is amazing to me. Antonionian is another member of Subtle and 13 & God, but I’m not quite as familiar with him personally. I’ve only heard the first 13 & God record, but I like it. I’ve heard the first two Subtle albums, which I don’t like as much, but they’re okay. Anyway, I usually go into any record that Doseone is involved in with zero expectations, so I’m just gonna try to keep an open mind. This is an instrumental Electronic album, so I’m assuming it’ll be less weird than what I usually hear from him, but I don’t know.

1. Emblem

This beat feels very icy and kind of ethereal. When I’m listening to it I just picture giant bubbles floating in the sky around the aurora borealis and bouncing off of each other. It makes me think of glaciers too. It’s a pretty cool song, but not something that I’m super entertained by. I mean, I definitely like it, but this is more like mood music that I would use during meditation than anything. It’s like ambient music that I could see myself falling asleep too, although I feel like I would probably have a nightmare if I listened to this while sleeping. Actually, the scattered percussion would probably make it difficult for me to fall asleep. It’s cool though; I fuck with this.

2. Motional

This is the first track on the album that really stood out to me. I like it a lot more than the opening song. This sounds more like something I would listen to on a walk at night while it’s cold out and I’m very lonely. It also just sounds way more detailed and layered than the first track. It sounds more like a full song than an introductory passage. It’s honestly really fucking awesome, especially when it gets more melodic around the middle section. It’s dope af to me.

3. That Hatchet

This one is a lot weirder than the first couple tracks in my opinion, but it’s really cool. There’s just a lot going on here. It’s kind of all over the place, but the messiness works. It sounds really fucking good. Maybe “messy” isn’t the best word to use. I think “meticulous” and “intricate” are better terms to describe this song. It’s very detailed, and relatively fast paced. It also kinda switches up a few times as it progresses. I like it a lot. It’s not a favorite of mine from this album, but I don’t really have any major issues with it. I think it’s really dope.

4. Brotherless

This track is much smoother and more laidback than the previous instrumental. It’s melodic, but it sounds very cold and robotic at the same time. I honestly think I like it more than any of the preceding material. The synth that comes in after about one minute sounds really nice. This track makes me feel like I’m floating in the middle of the ocean. It’s dope af.

5. Tusk

I think I might like this one even more than the preceding track. I don’t know yet. I haven’t chosen a favorite track as of January 5th. Anyway, I think it’s kinda funny that this song is called Tusk because the heavy percussion made me picture an army of woolly mammoths marching through a snow covered landscape. This shit is really fucking good. It just sounds very dramatic and intense. It’s a very detailed and grandiose sounding instrumental. I love it. I think it’s dope af.

6. Twice As Bright

On my first listen of this project, this track also stood out as a highlight. Again, I haven’t chosen a favorite yet. I really love this one though. The album really seemed to be getting better with every song; however, the hot streak unfortunately ends after this one. Anyway, this track in particular seems to have the most danceable rhythm, but it’s also perfect material for my depression playlist. It sounds like the soundtrack to a night in the city with the girl who broke my heart in college lol. This is something I’d cry to, which probably doesn’t make sense to anyone who’s heard it because it doesn’t sound sad at all. Shit like this makes me stare blankly into the distance while sinking into my chair. In a good way though. I love this shit. I think it’s dope af.

7. Half Traffic

I know I said that the hot streak of amazing songs ends here, and it does, but I still really like this one. I just don’t think it’s as great as the previous few songs. Twice As Bright transitions really seamlessly into this one, which is cool. The whole album is really well sequenced honestly. The first part of this track is really good, but I think it’s slightly too similar to most of the preceding songs. It kinda switches up at the halfway point to a more skeletal instrumental, which eventually culminates in a crescendo right before the track ends. The song’s not a highlight for me on this album, but I definitely like it a lot. I think it’s dope.

8. Weapon Money

This is easily my least favorite track on the album. I really don’t like this one at all to be honest. I wouldn’t say that it’s actually a bad song. It’s just dull to me. It sounds like background music that’d play during a character select screen in a Hot Wheels racing video game. It’s just not very enjoyable at all to me, but at the same time I don’t really mind it. I’d never listen to it again, but I just think it’s really mediocre personally.

9. Deadened

I’m unfortunately not really into this song either personally, although I do like it more than Weapon Money. It’s definitely a step up from that song, but it’s still just a bit too cold and mechanical sounding in my opinion. It sounds more like background music for a tense scene in an action movie. It’s not really enjoyable for me to listen to, but I think it’s a decent track. With that said, I’m never gonna listen to this in the future.

10. Low Low

This track is thankfully pretty fantastic. The beat sounds far less robotic and emotionless than the previous couple instrumentals in my opinion. I think it’s a really good choice for an outro because it sounds like something that’d play as the credits roll in a movie. The swirling melody that comes in after approximately three minutes sounds really awesome to me. I think the song’s dope af. 🙂

This is a really good album. There are a couple songs on here that I don’t really care for, but there aren’t any that I would call bad. At worst, this project is mediocre, and at best it’s really awesome. I think these guys are really talented producers. I alluded to this a few times in the body of this review, but there’s a very icy, robotic, inhospitable atmosphere to this project. It sounds like music that’d play if there was another ice age, and the world was also being taken over by androids. I’ll be shocked if this ends up making it onto a year end list of mine, but I’m definitely satisfied with it right now. This shit is dope. Check it out.

Favorite Song: Low Low
Least Favorite Song: Weapon Money


B flat
Grade: B

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