Album Review | Torito & Small Professor – Soiled

This album was released on July 29th this year. Torito released one of my favorite albums of 2020 with Meat Circus, so when I found out that he was linking up with Small Professor for this latest project I was pretty excited. The features got me even more interested in this album that I initially was too. There’s not a single artist involved in the creation of this record that I don’t fuck with. I’m expecting this to be another one of the better albums of the year honestly.

The album begins with a track called Mush Drop. I love the production from Small Pro on this track. It sounds like something I’d hear in a high fantasy movie like Lord of the Rings. Torito killed this shit too. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve heard him rap, so it was nice to hear him here.

Puttin' down roots in toxic soil, stench of rotten royals
Best show in town, watch the pasta boil
Not always a virtue to be staunchly loyal
End game the same, whether the plan's botched or foiled

I honestly think Torito is a top tier lyricist. I just love the way this dude rhymes.

Seekin' blessings at the soda fountain
If I'm Noah, no amount of rainbows gets me over doubt
Ignore the shoulder motor mouths, try to flip the talent
Only got one back, don't let Satan blow it out

This song is just one verse, and it’s got a really abrupt ending, but I still really fuck with it. I think it’s dope. The following track is entitled Good Oil, and it’s got another really awesome beat.

I love how hard-hitting the percussion is. I honestly think I like this beat even more than the preceding instrumental. The first verse is great, and I think the hook on this track is pretty cool too.

Wrote a note, lightning bolt in a bottle
Broke it on the rocks to illuminate the beach
Perfect timing, you see the sands shining
Get up off that goddamn island

The second verse is really dope too. I loved that closing line where he said he prefers the darkness he knows to the light that he doesn’t. This is another really dope track. I think it’s even better than the opening song. I fuck with it. Track 3 is a highlight called Buen Provecho. It’s got a really ominous instrumental. This whole album has kind of a dark flair to it aesthetically. I wish y’all could’ve seen my reaction the first time I heard this motherfucker say “traveled back and barbecued the rib from the first man.” That is insanity. Torito killed this shit.

Feed you, eat the venison with ketchup and some extra pickles
Press the issue, waitin' 'til the kettle whistle
One hand nurse him back to health while the other hand clench the sickle
Mentions chiseled, but dementia riddled
I levitate above the dugouts while the benches bicker

I also loved that line about trying to taste the rainbow off the next man’s skittles. I’m gonna use that in a conversation. I’m gonna try to make that a new expression. “Bruh, stop tryna taste the rainbow off the next man’s skittles.” Can you imagine someone saying that to you? I’d be like “what the fuck are you talking about?” Anyway, I think this song is really fucking awesome. It’s dope as hell. It’s followed by another highlight entitled Slaughterhouse Speakers, which features Zilla Rocca & ialive. This track is awesome. I love kind of old-school sounding production. It reminds me of Tim Dog’s Fuck Compton. It has the same sense of urgency that that track has. The opening verse from Zilla Rocca is pretty nice, and I actually really like the hook from Torito here.

I don't need the hot commodity, I need to talk with honesty, I need to squash the thought police
I need a job where I'm not strapped into an office seat with cat piss in the coffee beans, that's just my philosophy

His actual verse was fire too. It was really nice to hear from ialive on the final verse because I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve heard him. He spit with a more energetic delivery than I’m used to from him.

I ain't leavin' the crib
Thanks to the people in my corner for believin' the kid
New album, please check, we're revealin' the vid
Because really what I'm doin' is concealin' the grim
Ain't a structure or grid, I'm floatin' on the timeline
And it's never low, it's always been a high tide
They act stupid, but they really are some wise guys
It's not a resting bitch face, it's a permanent side eye

He honestly had my favorite verse on the track. I think he killed this shit. The song’s dope as hell. The following track is even better though. It’s called Pharaoh Grains, and it’s amazing. I really love the jazzy, calm, toned down production. Torito fucking slaughtered this track too. His flow is fire, and I really like the hook on this track too. Torito is super technical with his rhymes here.

Learned to read cursive off the walls in the furnace, rap game Abednego
You got the bird's eye view, I watch the turbine and laugh as the feather's blow
Bending the road with a stethoscope, mending holes in my extra clothes
Beheading goats for their escarole, luncheon alfresco
All flesh is grass, but who doesn't love a lawn when it's freshly mowed?
Stalk the sun to the west coast, berries on the french toast, rarely hear the best boast
Carpe diem through the carpal tunnel
Scarf the funnel cake, I'm Willy Wonka with the artful tumble
You're Willy Wonka how you scar the youngsters
I'm whippin' tonkas in the yard for fun with my daughter and son
Darn, until the yarn is all spun, and the crackers and havarti are crumbs

The writing is just mesmerizing to me. I absolutely love this track. It’s another one of my favorite songs of the year. I think it’s dope af. What’s crazy is that the following track is just as good, and arguably even better. It’s called Temple Tantrum.

Once again, I absolutely adore the dark, jazzy production. This song probably has my favorite beat on the whole project. Torito of course murdered it too. I actually really like the singing at the end of this track too. It works surprisingly well. The structure of this song is really nice. It’s just one long verse followed by the aforementioned sung outro. I really love this song. It’s a strong contender for my favorite track on the album. I’m not totally sure yet what my favorite song is as of August 28th. It’s probably this one though. Anyway, the following track is entitled Stew Bone Pie, and it features Darko the Super & Curly Castro. I love the chaotic beat on this track. It’s a really awesome instrumental. Torito ripped the first verse.

Praise the lord, it's not colder than last week
As I'm makin' smores over smoldering trash heaps
Moses asked me, "Yo, you got my back, G?"
Laughing, depends on how golden the calf be
Target on the head like ashed leaves
Kittens in the cage, felt bad when they had fleas
Sittin' by the stage well after the cast leaves
Flickin' off the stain on my pants from the splashed grease

I wish someone would do one of those rhyme scheme highlight videos on Torito. Anyway, Darko fucking killed the second verse. He sounds awesome over this beat.

Charlie Sheen sippin' a mocha latté
Asher Roth eatin' applesauce
Got a load off a roly poly, and might just set the rocket off
Lock the station down, Darko came to take the town
Spinnin' into Neverworld, sleepin' on a bed of pearls
Between our squirrel friends, the Super's out for more ends
You know how much they spend on war?
Just thinking about it clogs my pores

The closing verse from Curly Castro was of course really awesome too. Torito had my favorite verse on this track, but both of the features killed it. I like this song even more now than I did when I first heard it. This shit is dope as hell. The penultimate track is called Gourds, and it’s the shortest song on the album, coming in at 77 seconds. The production’s really good, and Torito’s rapping is pretty nice too. I definitely like this track to some extent, but it’s far from a highlight for me. Nothing about it is bad at all, but it kinda feels like it ends before it has a chance to really get going. I think a good hook and a second verse could’ve pushed this track to the next level. I still fuck with it as it is though. It’s a good song. The closing track is entitled Chow, and it’s another highlight for me. I fucking love the production on this track. The instrumental kinda reminds me of Nas‘ Affirmative Action beat. This might actually be my favorite song on the album honestly. The production is amazing, and this song has a really good hook too. Torito of course killed both of the verses here. There’s really not a single aspect of this song that I don’t love. It’s dope af to me.

This album is dope as hell. I think it’s just as good as Meat Circus, if not better. It’s easily one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. In fact, I think it’s the best project Small Professor has been involved in in 2022, which is saying a lot. As I said in the body of this review, Torito is a top tier lyricist. He’s super technical with it. His flow is fantastic as well. The only reservation I can see some people having is his monotone vocal delivery, but personally I like it. He can get away with having a super laidback voice because his actual skills are undeniably dope. I honestly think Torito is super underrated. This shit is fire. Don’t sleep on it. It’s really great.

Favorite Song: Chow
Least Favorite Song: Gourd


Grade: A-

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