EP Review | Dizzy Wright & Bishop Nehru – BrILLiant Youth

Some of y’all may remember one of my earlier—and shittier—reviews being that of NehruvianDOOM, which was a collaborative album between Bishop Nehru and MF DOOM. I was kinda hatin’ a little bit because I was bitter about DOOM not havin’ more of a verbal presence, but once I accepted that, I was able to appreciate Nehru’s abilities. He’s actually a really good MC if you listen to what he’s saying. He can lack charisma at times, but that’s usually compensated for by his lyricism. Dizzy Wright isn’t as dope to me, but I still think he’s a really good rapper. The only thing I don’t really like about his music is the shit he chooses to rap about. I really do not give a shit about how much weed you smoke. His album focused a lot more on positivity, which was cool I guess. After a while it felt like he was beating the shit out of a dead horse, but it wasn’t too bad. I liked the album. I don’t think he’s gonna be talkin’ about that kinda shit on here tho. I think this came out before he really started talkin’ about that kinda shit. I really don’t know what to expect honestly. I hope they aren’t just talking about weed. Does Bishop Nehru smoke? I don’t think he really talked about that on the album with DOOM… I don’t know. I just hope they got bars. That’s all I can really expect. I think this is gonna be dope tho. This was put together by a clothing company called Lifted Research Group. I’d never heard of it before until I found out about this project, so I guess the marketing idea was a success. Every song is produced by 9th Wonder.

Track 1: Wreckin’ Crew Feat. Add-2

Oh shit I just found out that 9th Wonder is from the same city as me. Neat. Not that it means anything, but you know… It’s kinda cool. I guess… I know that Add-2 is signed to Jamla, and that he just dropped an album about a month ago, but I’ve never heard any of his shit. MAYBE if I like his verse on this song I might check it out MAYBE. This beat is cool. I’m not amazed by it, but it works. Dizzy’s about to go in. His verse was dope. He did his thing. Again, I’m not amazed, but it was nice. Nehru’s goin’ in now. Goddamn. “Rollin’ in the doors / Evenin’ all the scores / He’s even meeting applause from opening the jaws of them all / To evolving, and solving his falls / They want me to stall.” What the fuck? This motherfucker is crazy… I’m not sure if that’s exactly what he said, but whatever he did say was dope af. The way he rhymes is just so dope to me. This shit came out when Nehru was like 18. He’s five years younger than Dizzy Wright, but to be honest he’s kinda outdoing him. I think Dizzy’s a great rapper, but he’s just not as good as Nehru to me. His rhyme patterns just aren’t as complicated. Nehru’s verse was dope af. I like the way this song is put together. It’s just bars. As soon as Dizzy was finished Nehru came in right behind, and it’s the same with Add-2. His verse was actually really dope too. I loved his aggressive delivery. Nehru had the best verse, followed by Add-2, and then Dizzy Wright. Dizzy Wright’s verse was dope, but it was just a little weaker than the others. That’s usually what happens when you go first tho. I definitely fuck with this song. The beat wasn’t incredible or anything, but it was good enough, and every MC had a dope verse. I love how it’s just three MCs goin’ in with no hook. This song is just bars. It’s dope af. This EP is off to a good start. 5/5

Track 2: Isolated

Damn. This beat is dope af. Nehru’s goin’ in first. Goddamn. The fucking way this guy rhymes is so fucking dope to me. It’s like every word connects perfectly. His verse was dope af. The hook is cool. Oh. He’s on the second verse too. It’s dope. Damn. This is kinda just like a regular Nehru EP with features from Dizzy Wright. Dizzy is nowhere to be found. Maybe the next track doesn’t have Nehru on it. Whatever. I don’t really give a shit. As long as the music’s good, I’m fine. This song is dope af. The beat is great, and Bishop Nehru’s verses were dope af. I fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 3: BrILLiant Youth Feat. Big Remo

Dizzy’s spittin’ the hook right at the beginning of the song. Okay, Big Remo’s on the first verse. This is probably my favorite beat on the whole project. Damn. Big Remo actually kinda killed this shit. I’ve never heard of this guy, but his verse was dope. The hook is alright I guess. Hahaha. Dizzy’s verse is pretty funny. I fuck with this verse. It was dope. I like this song. The hook got kinda old after a while, but I liked both of the verses & the beat. This is dope to me. I fuck with this. 4/5

Final Thoughts:

That was dope af. I really have no idea which track to choose as my favorite song. They’re all dope. Usually when I think of a joint project I expect most of the songs to be collaborations between the two MCs the project is focusing on, but I don’t really know what other term you would use for something like this. They only did one song together, but it was still dope af. The production was pretty solid. How do you describe 9th Wonder’s production? I guess you should try to imagine a slightly more southern sounding version of DJ Premier without the scratches. I don’t know. That’s probably a bad comparison. If you can’t get behind that old school boom bap—I hate that it’s called “boom bap” by the way—style of production, then the beats won’t really stand out to you. The MCs will definitely keep you entertained tho. There isn’t one wack verse on this project. Or a wack beat. Or really any wack hooks. The one on the last song wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t bad. It just got a little old by the end of the song. If you like MCs that can actually rap you should definitely check this out. There’s really no reason for you not to. It’s only three damn tracks long. Just listen to it for God’s sake… It’s dope af.

Favorite Song: Wreckin’ Crew

Least Favorite Song: BrILLiant Youth




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