Album Review | Method Man – Tical 2000: Judgement Day

This album was released on November 17th in 1998. I’m honestly not looking forward to this album. I mean, I definitely consider myself a fan of Method Man, and I liked his first Tical album, but… TWENTY EIGHT??? TWENTY EIGHT FUCKING TRACKS? IS YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? Goddamn. Smh… Any album longer than 16 tracks is too long in my opinion, and even 16 is pushing it honestly. After inspecting the tracklist, I see that there are actually ELEVEN skits on this project. I’m just gonna go out on a limb and assume that there did not need to be eleven fucking skits on this album. However, I don’t think this’ll be a wack album. The reception appears to be pretty mixed, so it probably won’t be good. I doubt it’ll actually be bad though. It’s probably gonna be mediocre. Or average. I don’t know. Fuck it.

1. Judgement Day (Intro)

This is a really dumb introductory skit in which you hear a bunch of explosions going off after the ball drops at the end of 1999. I guess Method Man was on his Busta Rhymes shit for this album. It’s kind of odd that he chose to make a Y2K themed album considering the fact that this project came out in 1998. It would’ve made more sense if he waited until the next year to drop it. Anyway, this skit made laugh because it was so dumb, but I’m never gonna listen to it again.

2. Perfect World produced by RZA

The production on this track is pretty good. The first verse from Meth was nice. The intro was kinda weird though. It’s a reference to the introductory monologue from the movie Cyborg with Jean-Claude van Damme. I kinda wish it wasn’t there, but I guess it’s not that big of a deal. The hook is cool. The second verse was better than the first one. The little interlude from that Cho-Flo guy was kinda weird. I could’ve done without that. I think this is a pretty good track though. Nothing about it really stands out enough to make this a truly amazing song, but I enjoyed it. It’s pretty dope.

3. Cradle Rock featuring Left Eye & Booster produced by LB da Life Bringa

I’m not really that familiar with Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ music. I honestly think this is my first time ever hearing her on a song. I might be wrong about that though. She doesn’t really contribute much to this song, other than a hook with Method Man. The production is pretty solid. The hook isn’t bad. The first verse from Method Man is fantastic. He killed that shit. The second verse is really great too. The bridge from Booster is cool. I think this song is better than the previous one. There’s not really anything I disliked about it. Meth killed this shit. It’s dope.

4. Dangerous Grounds featuring Streetlife produced by True Master

The beat on this track is pretty goddamn repetitive, but I think it’s decent. The first verse from Method Man was cool. I really like how quick the hook is. It’s only like two lines, and they don’t repeat it more than once. The second verse was nice. The third verse from Streetlife was actually pretty solid, and the final verse from Meth was good too. Overall I think this is a pretty cool track. It’s definitely my least favorite song, but that’s mainly due to the repetitive instrumental. None of the verses are wack. I fuck with this song. It’s dope.

5. Sweet Love (Skit)

Oh my God… This is just a seven second skit in which somebody basically says “you gotta make her MINDgasm, bruh” unironically. This really didn’t need to be here.

6. Sweet Love featuring Cappadonna & Streetlife produced by True Master

I actually really like the beat on this song. It’s probably my favorite instrumental on the album so far. I don’t really care for the content of this song though. In the first verse, Streetlife describes an encounter with a woman named Jasmine that ends with him having sex with her WHILE driving a damn car. I don’t know about y’all, but to me that sounds highly audacious and unnecessarily dangerous. It doesn’t even sound enjoyable to be honest. If I’m gonna be having sex, I’m gonna wanna give 100% of my attention so I can focus on what I’m doing. The same thing can be said about driving now that I think about it. If a woman tried to have sex with me while I was driving, I feel like that would piss me the fuck off. I’d be like “you really can’t wait until we’re parked, bitch? You really wanna put us in danger like that?” It’s extremely irresponsible. I feel like I’m dwelling on this issue a little too much though. Anyway, the verse itself was fine I guess. I forgot to mention that along with driving while having sex, Streetlife also stated that he was “blunt smoking.” So this motherfucker was driving, having sex, and getting high all at the same damn time? How the fuck is this nigga still alive? I mean, I’m sure none of this actually happened. That’s crazy though. Anyway, I thought Cappadonna’s verse was pretty wack to be honest. The way he kept repeating “love is love” over and over again got on my nerves. I didn’t really enjoy Method Man’s verse that much either to be honest. At one point he referred to the woman he was fornicating with’s vagina as a “trout,” which is pretty goddamn gross. Overall, I can’t really say I enjoyed this song at all. I didn’t care for any of the verses, mainly due to the content. The only aspect of the song I like is the production, but it’s not like it’s amazing or anything. I don’t think I’d call this a bad song, but I definitely wouldn’t call it good either. It’s mediocre to me.

7. Shaolin What (Skit) produced by 4th Disciple

The piano driven beat on this track is actually really fuckin’ cool. I don’t really know why this song is labeled as a skit. It had kind of a strange intro, but it seems like a normal song to me. I mean, it’s shorter than the previous tracks; there’s only one verse. It still feels like a regular song though. I think it’s pretty good too. It’s definitely not one of the best songs on the album, but I enjoyed it. The beat’s really good, and the verse was nice too. I could’ve done without the obnoxious intro and loud outro sound effects, but the song as a whole was entertaining. I fuck with this.

8. Torture produced by True Master

The beat on this track is pretty good. The first verse was dope. The hook is simplistic, but I like it. The second verse was great. He killed it. The final verse was really great too. I just finished listening to the song. There’s not really much for me to say about it. I don’t have any issues with it. The production’s good, and all of the verses were dope too. This is one of the best songs on the album so far in my opinion. I do think the production got kind of repetitive after a while, but it wasn’t too bad. I fuck with this song. This shit is dope.

9. Where’s Method Man? (Skit) featuring Ed Lover

This is a pretty unnecessary skit in which a radio host named Ed Lover complains that Method Man is taking too long to drop another album. I didn’t enjoy this skit, and I’m never gonna listen to it again.

10. Suspect Chin Music featuring Streetlife produced by RZA

The beat on this track is weird as hell in a really cool way. It’s awesome honestly. It’s definitely my favorite beat on the album so far. I really like the way Meth & Streetlife are trading verses back and forth on this track. It feels more fast paced than a lot of the other songs on this album so far. I’m not really sure what a “suspect chin nigga” is. Hmm… I just found “suspect chin” on the Urban Dictionary. This kinda seems like bull shit…

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 4.33.44 AM

…What the fuck is a chin check? I find it hard to believe that anyone actually uses any of these terms in real life. Oh my God… Look at the fucking example sentence they gave…

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 4.35.26 AM

Bruh… Who the motherfuck talks like that? If somebody said some shit like that to me I would think they were a fucking idiot. Anyway, all of the verses on this song are pretty good, and I don’t mind the hook at all. The production from RZA is great. I really fuck with this song. It’s dope.

11. Retro Godfather produced by RZA

The production on this track is pretty solid. Method Man’s flow on the first verse is really great. The hook is nothing special, but it works. It’s an interpolation of I’ll Do Anything For You by Denroy Morgan, and it goes over pretty well in my opinion. The second verse is cool. Once again, his flow is really nice. This definitely isn’t one of my favorite songs on the album, but I enjoyed it to a certain extent. It’s pretty good. I fuck with it.

12. Dooney Boy (Skit)

This is another completely unnecessary skit in which a child states that their favorite group is Wu-Tang. I’m kinda scratching my head as to why this was included on the album.

13. Spazzola featuring Killa Sin, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon & Streetlife produced by Inspectah Deck

I like the beat on this track, although it sounds kind of skeletal to be honest. The first couple of verses from Masta Killa & Streetlife are pretty solid. Method Man did his thing too. He had the shortest verse on the song though. However, he takes care of the hook, which isn’t bad. Inspectah Deck killed the fourth verse. Killa Sin’s verse was actually really great too. I’m not really that familiar with him, but I was impressed by his performance on this track. Raekwon definitely had one of the best verses on the track too. The first three verses weren’t anything special in my opinion, but the final three were much better. I fuck with this shit. It’s a dope song.

14. Check Writer (Skit)

This is yet another unnecessary skit in which Lyor Cohen leaves a message for Method Man telling him to hurry up and give him an album. I’m never gonna listen to this again.

15. You Play Too Much (Skit) featuring Chris Rock

This is yet ANOTHER unnecessary skit, in which Chris Rock delivers an introduction to Method Man that lasts way too long. He gives him a bunch of random ass nicknames that don’t really make a lot of sense. I guess they were trying to be humorous, but I didn’t really find it funny. I will admit that one part of this track made me crack a smile though. At one point in the background you hear dolphin noises. For some reason that sound that dolphins make always makes me laugh. It just sounds really silly to me. However, as a whole I didn’t enjoy this skit. I’m annoyed that there were two skits in a row.

16. Party Crasher produced by True Master & RZA

The beat on this track is okay I guess. I’m not really sure how I feel about the actual song itself though. My biggest issue is the content. It’s not even bad; I just don’t really care about anything Meth is saying. He’s rapping about his experience being in a club. It doesn’t interest me at all. I mean, things definitely get more exciting during the second half of the song when he raps about how there was an altercation that ended in complete chaos. It’s not interesting enough to make me wanna listen to this song more than once though. I’m not gonna be returning to this in the future. I don’t think this is wack though. It’s just not that good to me. It’s a decent song, but it lacks replay value for me personally.

17. Grid Iron Rap featuring Streetlife produced by True Master

Woah. The beat on this song is really fucking good. It’s weird as hell, but I love it. Okay, this shit is fuckin’ awesome. The first verse from Streetlife was great, and Method Man sounds fantastic over this beat. I love the way they’re trading verses. This is definitely my favorite song on the album so far. This is one of the best beats I’ve ever heard from True Master. Streetlife killed his last verse on this shit. His flow was really good. There’s nothing I don’t like about this song. The production is awesome, and both of the MCs rapped their asses off. This shit is dope af.

18. Step by Step produced by Erick Sermon

This beat is pretty cool. I could see Jay-Z over this beat. It sounds like something that would’ve appeared on In My Lifetime, Vol. 1. The first verse is good. The way they sampled Step in the Arena for the hook was pretty nice, despite that being one of the most overused samples in Hip Hop. The second verse is solid. The final verse was good too. I don’t really have any issues with this track. Nothing about it stands out enough to make it one of my favorites, but I think it’s a dope song. I fuck with it.

19. Play IV Keeps featuring Inspectah Deck, Streetlife, Hell Razah & Mobb Deep produced by Havoc

The beat from Havoc on this track isn’t amazing or anything, but it’s pretty solid. The first verse from Meth is dope. The second verse from Streetlife was really good too. Inspectah Deck’s verse was great. It was only like 8 bars, but he still managed to impress me within that short amount of time. Havoc’s verse was great. Prodigy’s verse was really nice too. I was thoroughly impressed by every verse on this track. The production is really simplistic, and it started to seem a little repetitive after a while, but other than that this is a really good track. I fuck with this. It’s dope.

20. Donald Trump (Skit)

Oh my fucking God… This is a skit in which Donald fucking Trump, the current president of the United States of America, leaves a voicemail for Method Man telling him to hurry up with the album. Smh. Wow. I mean, it’s possible that Method Man didn’t really know much about who Donald Trump is as a person, but to me it’s been clear that he’s an ignorant fuck face since before he even announced his candidacy for the 2016 election. However, the skit itself is inoffensive. I’m never gonna listen to it again.

21. Snuffed Out performed by Streetlife produced by Mathematics

This is the shortest track on the album if you don’t count the skits. I just finished listening to it. I won’t be returning to this. I wouldn’t call it a bad song, but I personally didn’t really enjoy it that much. First of all, the production from Mathematics is really underwhelming. That’s definitely my main issue with the song. The lyrics about Streetlife’s ex-friend who did him wrong aren’t trash at all, but I could’ve done without the homophobic lines.

That click you run with, I heard y’all niggas rub dicks
Greet niggas with a french kiss, some real fag shit

His flow was cool though, and I think he generally did a good job with the subject matter. The song just isn’t entertaining enough for me to want to return to it in the future. It’s not bad, but I wouldn’t call it good either. It’s just okay to me.

22. Elements featuring Polite & Star produced by Inspectah Deck

The beat on this track is pretty cool. I think this is a step up from the previous beat Inspectah Deck had on this project. I’m not familiar with the two featured MCs on this track, but they both did a really good job. Honestly, they were impressing me more than Method Man until he came through at the end with that last verse. The last verse was fantastic. He killed that shit. It kinda seemed like he was gonna get outshined before that part though. The features were really good. It doesn’t seem like they really had successful rap careers after their appearance on this album, but from what I heard they were pretty good. I fuck with this song. It’s honestly not too different from a lot of the other tracks, but it’s still dope.

23. Killin’ Fields featuring Cho-Flo produced by True Master

The beat on this track is pretty decent. The first verse from Method Man is really great. This is a really dope song so far. Cho-Flo just says a couple lines during the hook. The hook itself is pretty quick and simplistic, which I like. The second verse was really good. His flow is great on this track. He killed the third verse. I think this song has some of the best verses on the album honestly. I wasn’t that impressed by the production, and the simplistic hook honestly doesn’t add much to the song, but overall I really enjoyed this track. This is dope.

24. Big Dogs featuring Redman produced by Erick Sermon

Okay, this song is fucking fantastic. The way Redman & Method Man were trading bars on the first verse was awesome. The production from Erick Sermon is really great too. I like the sample they flipped for the hook a lot. The second verse from Meth is nice, and I like how Redman was doing the ad-libs. Redman killed that last verse too. There isn’t a single aspect of this song that I don’t like. The production is nice, the hook is good, and the verses are all great. This is easily one of the best songs on the album. I love this shit. It’s dope af.

25. Break Ups 2 Make Ups featuring D’Angelo produced by Q-Ball & Trackmasters

I actually like the guitar driven production on this track. The content of this song isn’t really that interesting to me personally, but I think Meth’s doing a decent job with it. The first verse is all about his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him and is trying to “throw the pussy” at him again. D’Angelo’s vocals in the background actually sound pretty goddamn good. He honestly sounds amazing on the hook. This song is WAY better than I was expecting it to be. I usually dread having to listen to Hip Hop songs featuring R&B artists, but this is really good. The second verse was fine. The final verse was pretty good. Again, the content doesn’t really do much for me, but I think they did a good job with it. The hook from D’Angelo is fantastic, and the production is good too. I fuck with this shit. This is a dope song.

26. Message From Penny (Skit) featuring Janet Jackson

This is another unnecessary skit in which Janet Jackson leaves a voicemail for Method Man. Surprisingly, she doesn’t rush him into dropping an album. She just gets mad that he didn’t answer the phone. I have no idea why Meth felt the need to include this on the album.

27. Judgement Day produced by Method Man & 4th Disciple

This is really the only song that has anything to do with the apocalyptic theme that the title of the album leads you to believe you’ll be hearing throughout the entire project. I really could’ve done without that speech at the beginning of the track. The production on this song is pretty good though. The first verse was cool, and I like the fast paced hook. The second verse was solid. Huh… He repeated the first verse instead of spitting a third verse. Ehh… I’m not sure how I feel about this song to be honest… I like the production, and the hook is cool. I’d probably like this song more if he didn’t spit the same exact verse twice. This is an alright track though. I don’t think it’s bad. I personally won’t be returning to it, but it’s decent.

28. C.E.O. Outro (Skit)

This is another extremely unnecessary message in which Russell Simmons says, “thanks for comin’ out. God bless you, goodnight.” The message only lasts 3 seconds, but the track itself is 10 seconds long for whatever reason.

This is a good album. It’s definitely a flawed project, but I enjoyed the majority of the songs on it. First of all, the most obvious issue with this album is the skits. There did not need to be this many skits. In fact, I honestly believe that there didn’t need to be ANY skits because none of them really add anything to the project. Honestly, now that I think about it, that’s really the only glaring issue I see in this project. Obviously there were a few songs that I didn’t enjoy personally, but I don’t think I’d actually call any of these songs “wack.” This album is way better than I thought it would be. I enjoyed it. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: Big Dogs
Least Favorite Song: Sweet Love


Grade: B-

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