Album Review | T-Pain – 1UP

This album was released independently on February 27th this year. I honestly don’t think this is gonna be that good… I like T-Pain a lot, but I haven’t really liked any of the singles he’s released for this project. Also, after perusing the tracklist, I’m not too pleased with the features he’s gathered for this project. I didn’t review the second Everything Must Go mixtape that he dropped late last year, but I did listen to it. There were only three tracks that I liked. I think it was a decent project overall. My opinion of it was virtually the same as my opinion of the first one, which is why I didn’t review it. Hopefully this project is better. I would hope that that’d be the case since this is being marketed as a full album rather than a mixtape of leftovers. Anyway, I’m getting the production credits from Genius, so take them with a grain of salt. They don’t have the producer listed for every track unfortunately, so you’ll have to forgive me for that.

1. 1UP featuring Profit Dinero produced by Bishop Jones

The production on this track is actually really nice. The hook is cool. It’s not amazing or anything, but I definitely enjoyed it to some extent. This is actually kind of a sad song. The first verse was about his friend who got incarcerated. It’s not amazing or anything, but I think he did a decent job with it. The second verse was good too. This is actually a lot better than I was expecting it to be. I’m not familiar with this Profit Dinero guy, but he was alright on the third verse. I enjoyed this track. I hope it doesn’t end up being my favorite track on the album though. If this song was even a little wacker than it already is I probably wouldn’t ever listen to it again. It’s narrowly avoiding getting deleted from my iTunes library. I like it though. It’s a cool song.

2. R.I.P. to the Parking Lot featuring Boosie Badazz produced by Bishop Jones

I’m probably not gonna like this. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a single track from Lil Boosie that I actually like. Damn. The hook on this song is actually really catchy. The lyrics are stupid as hell, but not in an annoying way. I like the production on this track too. The first verse from T-Pain was cool I guess. Again, the lyrics are really dumb. It sounds good though. The second verse was even dumber.

She don’t wanna fuck me, she wanna fuck my car
She said the rims got it lookin’ like a superstar
She might just take it on a date out to that new car wash
Or I could ship that bitch to Paris, baby, ooh-la-la

I didn’t even really mind the final verse from Boosie. It wasn’t good, but it didn’t ruin the song for me. I like this track more than the previous one. It’s catchy as hell. I fuck with this shit. It’s dope.

3. U Up

I think I heard a producer tag at the beginning of this track, but I don’t know who it belongs to. The production is fine I guess. It doesn’t really stand out that much to me. The hook doesn’t do anything for me. The content of this song doesn’t really interest me at all.

Hey, big head
I know you sleepin’, but you need to be in this bed
You said you need time, but you need me instead
I won’t call you, I heard what you said
But I know that you up

I’m kinda confused by those lines from the first verse. He says “I know you sleepin’,” but then he says that he knows she’s up. Which one is it, Mr. Pain? I can definitely relate to some of the lines in the second verse.

Baby, I fucked up
I did you wrong
I be so drunk, I don’t know what be goin’ on
I just wanna hear your voice, it’s been too long
Silent treatment got me feelin’ so alone

Damn. That shit hits home. I liked those lines, but most of the other lyrics aren’t really that good to me. This song didn’t impress me sonically either. It’s definitely a decent track, but I won’t be coming back to it. I don’t think it’s bad at all though. It’s an okay song.

4. Getcha Roll On featuring Tory Lanez produced by Girl Talk

This is the lead single for this album, and I don’t really like it that much. The hook just isn’t that good to me. I don’t care for the melody. It’s not bad. Just not that good to me. I like the production though. The reference to Famous Dex in the first verse from T-Pain was really random. As someone who despises Famous Dex’s music, I really wish T-Pain didn’t remind me of his existence. Tory Lanez actually sounded pretty good on that second verse. I don’t like the sexual content at all though. Overall I think this is a decent song. I won’t be coming back to it because nothing about it really impressed me that much, but at the same time nothing about it stands out as being particularly bad. It’s an okay track.

5. Be Your X

This is definitely the most underwhelming song on the album so far. The content is kind of bizarre to me too. He’s singing about how he wants to be a girl’s ex. It seems like he’s got a pretty distorted idea of what being an ex-boyfriend is like.

I just wanna be your ex
A.K.A. the best you ever had
Just call me for sex
I can hear my ex callin’ and I answer

Maybe that’s what it’s like for him. I don’t know. I don’t like this track. There’s not a single aspect of the song that I can complement. Well, I guess the production is pretty nice. I don’t care for the hook though. I’ve realized that hooks really make or break T-Pain’s songs. If the hook doesn’t grab your attention, it’s unlikely that any other facet of the song will make the track worth returning to. In this case, the only thing I really like even a little bit is the production. I think this is wack.

6. It’s My Dog Birthday

I guess this is T-Pain making the same attempt for a birthday anthem that Drake failed at miserably on his latest album. I really hate the beat on this song. It has that high pitched squeak sound that a lot of Trap producers use for some reason. Hmm… I actually really like the hook to be honest. The production’s starting to grow on me too. The first verse is okay I guess. The song’s just about partying and getting drunk. I guess that’s to be expected for a song celebrating a friend’s birthday. The second verse was fine. I like the bridge. This is actually entertaining to me. I feel like T-Pain’s voice kinda gets a little annoying after a while, but I like the song. I don’t even really care about the fact that it’s about birthdays. I just think it sounds good. It’s definitely not my favorite track on the album. I think it’s a dope song though. I fuck with it.

7. We All We Got produced by Bishop Jones

I’m not really a fan of how abruptly this song starts. The hook isn’t really that good to me. The production is kinda cool though. The first verse was fine. Same goes for the second verse. The song just ended. Huh… I’m pretty indifferent towards this track to be honest. Nothing about it really stands out to me in a positive or negative way. It’s kinda bland. I guess it’s decent. I’m never gonna listen to it again, but it’s an okay song.

8. Keep This from Me

The production on this track is really great. This song starts really abruptly just like the previous track. I don’t mind it as much here as I did with that song though. This one’s about T-Pain being cheated on. I’m gonna be honest, y’all… Being cheated on is like my biggest fear. I would be so fucking sad if that happened to me. Anyway, I actually like the hook on this track. It’s dope. The song’s pretty short. It’s the shortest track on the album. I don’t really have any issues with it to be honest. I love the production, and the hook is nice too. The verses aren’t amazing or anything, but they’re sufficient. I fuck with this track. It’s dope.

9. A Million Times featuring O.T. Genasis produced by Dave Cappa, Aphillyation & Tyler Rohn

I think this is the only single that I didn’t hear before checking this album out. The production on this track is honestly fantastic. This is the best beat on the album so far. The hook is pretty simplistic, but I like it a lot. The first verse sounded pretty good. The lyrics were kinda dumb though…

I like them tattoos on your leg
I wonder how they look up by my head

The song is mainly about T-Pain’s girl’s friends disapproving of who she chooses to date. In the second verse T-Pain used the word “shmood,” which always makes me cringe. The verse is fine though. O.T. Genasis’ verse was pretty terrible lyrically, but he sounded good on the beat, and I liked his ad-libs. This is definitely one of the best songs on the album. I see why it was chosen as a single. I fuck with it. It’s dope.

10. All I Want featuring Flipp Dinero produced by Bishop Jones

This was the second single from this album. I was pretty underwhelmed the first time I heard it, and now that I’m hearing it within the context of the album I don’t really feel any differently. I think it’s better than Getcha Roll On, but it’s still not really that good to me. I kinda like the production, but I’m not really crazy about the hook. It’s not bad. It’s just not that good to me. The first verse from T-Pain is fine. Flipp Dinero did an okay job with the second verse too. He kinda sounds like Tory Lanez on this track. If I didn’t know it was Flipp Dinero I would’ve guessed Tory Lanez. I think this is an okay track, but I’m never gonna listen to it again. It’s not that good to me. I don’t think it’s bad though. It’s decent.

11. Here It Comes featuring Russ

I think Russ is a decent artist, but he comes off like a major douche, so that’s why I haven’t really written about him before. Anyway, I like the production on this track, and I like the hook a lot too. I’m not crazy about the sexual content of the song, but I think he did a decent job with it. Both of the verses from T-Pain are fine. I definitely like the second one more than the first one. Russ’ verse was alright I guess. I wasn’t really feelin’ the parts where he was rapping, but his singing was cool. I actually like this song. I don’t have any major issues with it. I like how intimate it sounds. This is dope to me.

12. Goat Talk featuring Lil Wayne produced by Bishop Jones

This is the closest thing to a Trap song on the album. I actually like the hook a lot, and the beat’s dope. I love how T-Pain is talking shit on this song. It sounds a lot more aggressive than any of the other tracks. The first verse is dope. The second verse was even better. Lil Wayne kinda killed that final verse. His flow seemed a little shaky at some points, but I love how he rapped about how a lot of new artists are just wack clones of him.

If these rappers is my sons, as a parent, I have failed
I’m the G.O.A.T
I don’t even fuckin’ write, but one motherfuckin’ quote
Is better than everything you ever motherfuckin’ wrote

This is definitely a standout track. I kinda wish the way it ended was a little smoother, but other than that I don’t really have any issues with it. This is dope.

This album isn’t bad at all. It’s actually way better than I was expecting it to be honestly. There was only one song on this project that I think is wack. I didn’t think I would like more than half of these tracks. None of them really blew me away, but a solid amount of them were enjoyable. I don’t think I was entertained enough to actually call this album “good,” but it certainly wasn’t bad. I kinda wish he rapped a little more on this project instead of just singing because he’s a legitimately good rapper. He’s also a good singer without autotune, so it would’ve been cool to hear him without any vocal effects. Overall, this is a very solid album. Even though I wouldn’t call it dope, I’m satisfied with what he gave us. It’s an okay project.

Favorite Song: R.I.P. to the Parking Lot
Least Favorite Song: Be Your X


Grade: C+

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