Album Review | Iceberg Theory & Bloodblixing – SUNDAE FUNNYZ GANGSTA EDITION

This album was released on February 3rd this year. Iceberg Theory is one of my favorite active artists, and Bloodblixing is one of the more interesting discoveries I’ve made in recent years, so when I saw that they were releasing a collaborative project I was pretty excited. They already worked on a project together called The Last Symbolist, which I really enjoyed, so I had pretty strong expectations for this new one. I also just really like the title and album cover. It’s cool. The features also looked pretty good. So yeah, I was excited for this one.

The album begins with THE EGG OF THE KING. I really like the beat on this track. I absolutely love how it kinda takes a while for the percussion to fade in. It sounds really awesome once it finally comes in. I really like the way this song is structured too. It’s just one quick verse from Iceberg Theory. The loop feels a bit simplistic, but it works really well for the intro. The verse from Iceberg Theory is pretty awesome too. I’ve become so accustomed to his style of rapping that I can enjoy it without even focusing on the lyrics. I get enjoyment just from his flow and vocal delivery at this point. That line about him being ‘97 Canibus was pretty cool though. I think this track works really well as an intro. I don’t have any actual gripes with it. I fuck with it. It’s dope. Track 2 is called ELEPHANT SCALES, and it’s even better. I really love how chaotic the production is here, and Iceberg Theory fucking killed the first verse.

Say “Iceberg” three times, you might summon me

The second verse from Bloodblixing was actually pretty dope too. I generally prefer him as a producer than as a rapper, but I like both. That line about how he can smell blood from five miles away like a shark was tight. I like this song even more than the opening track just because it feels a bit more fleshed out. In fact, this song actually grew on me a shit ton. The more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it. I think it’s dope as hell. Track 3 is a solo cut from Bloodblixing called THE DUALITY OF GOOD N’ EVIL. The production is fire, and Bloodblixing honestly killed this shit. I think this song has my favorite beat up to this point on the project. The song’s only one minute and 41 seconds long, so there’s just time for one verse. The verse itself is really good though.

The music grows on you like a tumor
Remember as a youngin I wanted to be a shooter
I was either gon be shootin’ threes
Or shootin’ three niggas in the streets or movin’ keys or playin’ keys

I really like his performance on this track, both in terms of production and rapping. I actually think this is one of the best verses I’ve heard from him. The song’s really dope. It’s followed by MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY WEIGHT IS SO HEAVY. This is another highlight for me. I really love the production. It sounds like a forest in the form of music. The way Blix & Ice trade bars on this song is awesome to me too. I don’t know what it is about the way they’re rapping on this track, but I was just completely hooked. Every second had me excited to hear what the next line would be.

Unabomber, I’m climbin’ up the tree
Nobody touchin’ the sky but me
Break you apart like we did the weed
I’m pretty sure they don’t want us to succeed

I actually think I was more captivated by Bloodblixing on this song than Iceberg. Not that Ice got totally outshined or anything. I mean, I preferred Iceberg Theory’s flow and vocal delivery, but lyrically Bloodblixing stood out a bit more to me. They both did a really great job on this track though. I think it’s dope as hell. Track 5 is called RICHARD MILLE – GSHOCK*, and it’s easily one of the best tracks on the project, especially from a production standpoint. The beat is fantastic. Bloodblixing sounded really good on the first verse too. Iceberg Theory fucking killed that second verse though. That’s definitely one of my favorite moments on the whole album. He went in.

Righteous steps, decisive
Blix & Ice divisive
Need the cake and icin’
Burgers with the bison
To kill, don’t need a license
My stars shine the brightest
Bein’ the nicest unknown dude, it won’t suffice
My labor needs to bear fruit, and I’ll pick ‘em when they’re ripe
I don’t wanna FaceTime, chat, Zoom, or Skype
No, I don’t wanna link, no, I don’t wanna write
They say I’m too cryptic, lemme say it concise
You all gettin’ outrapped by an overweight k*ke
I gave you many freebies, now I’m goin’ on strike
They coppin’ CDs in Japan, this didn’t happen overnight
The cloak is bone white
I leave you where a kiss won’t wake you like Snow White

The song is dope as fuck. I love it. It’s one of my favorite tracks of the year honestly. It’s followed by WE OFF AIR, which features a pretty nice opening verse from Slayton Dixon. I particularly like the lines about drugs. He had one where he said something like, “Popped two xans, they ain’t work, but I’m buzzed though.” I probably got the wording wrong, but that’s basically what he said. The second verse from Bloodblixing is even better in my opinion. I think he sounded really hungry on this track. The closing verse from Iceberg Theory is definitely the best part of the song though. I love his performance here.

I need the weed wholesale like it’s Costco
The art abstract, a Mark Rothko
Catch me at a Nas show, red eyes low
Every page I write, a winner take it for the lotto
Wrote the Geographica like Strabo
I wrote a life and missed, but it was folly like Gothos
I’m in the country, dirt roads with the potholes
You get braised like the pot roast

I’m positive that I misquoted a couple of those lines, but I tried my best to transcribe them accurately. The structure of this song is very straightforward, but pretty much every aspect of it is really enjoyable. I think it’s dope. The following track is called SWEET NOTHIN’S. It features what’s basically a Spoken Word performance from Bloodblixing’s Blixy Collinz alter ego. It’s cool. I personally don’t really get that much enjoyment out of that part of the song, but it’s not bad or anything. I can listen to it without feeling the need to turn it off. The real selling point of this song is the phenomenal verse from 2 Dolla Will though. I deadass think that’s my favorite verse I’ve ever heard from him, and it’s easily one of my favorite moments on this project. The verse is loaded with hilarious lines.

Your bitch is thick and slutty
She lick and suck me
Kiss and fuck me
I showed up with a brick of nuggies
Shrubbage, that’s why she’s givin’ you trouble
Her tits so big, you can see them shits from the Hubble

The production is pretty solid, but this song has definitely got one of the weaker beats on the project in my opinion. That’s not to say it’s a bad beat at all though. I’d definitely say it’s above average. It’s just nowhere near my favorite. The verse from 2 Dolla Will is the one aspect of this song that really impressed me.

I told her just to swallow all of me
Give her credit if she tries
With my immense size she will not succeed

The song’s dope. It’s followed by another highlight called INFINITE, which features Lync Lone. I love this song. The production is absolute fire. It sounds like a cool ocean breeze. Needless to say, Iceberg Theory killed the opening verse. However, I actually think the second verse from Lync Lone is what pushes this track to the next level for me. He killed this shit.

Blix hit me with the beat, he said, “body this”
Ho, I feel like Optimus Prime poppin’ shit
Just watch how they copy this
Smokin’ weed playin’ on the oculus
I’m makin’ bands in the metaverse, 300 thou’ on a floppy disc
I sent the verse, and now my pockets thick
See how they diversifying shit? Tryin’ seem like divine optimists
I’m smokin’ Newports with my madonna bitch, rockin’ all designer shit
Chiefin’ on all kinds of exotic piff

The only gripe I have with this track is the abrupt conclusion. Everything kinda just stops at the end, and it feels a bit rushed. However, the song is fire overall. The production is smooth as hell, Iceberg Theory killed it, and the feature came through with a performance that truly elevated the song. I love it. It’s dope as hell. The following track is called THE ASTRONAUT INTERLUDE. It’s a pretty cool instrumental interlude. The melody of the beat kinda reminds me of The Ghost of Soulja Slim by Jay Electronica. This is a good track. A lot of times with interludes they feel like wastes of time, but this track was legitimately enjoyable to me. I think it’s good. The next one is called VAN DE GRAAFF GENERATOR. This is another one of my favorite tracks on the album. I absolutely love the production on this track. The beat sounds like something from an old video game like Final Fantasy. Iceberg Theory sounds great over it too. The only problem is that the mixing is so fucking bad that it can be hard to understand what he’s saying. Bad mixing is something to be expected when listening to a Bloodblixing project. I personally don’t mind it most of the time because you can tell it’s intentional. Actually, maybe it isn’t. Maybe he genuinely doesn’t know how to mix and master his music properly. It sounds like it’s intentional though. The rough mixing is part of the appeal. It gives the music a really unique and recognizable aesthetic. I fuck with it sonically. It’s just a little frustrating that it makes it harder to decipher the lyricism. That’s just a nitpick though. I don’t really mind that much personally. Anyway, the second verse from Bloodblixing is also very good. I like the opening couplet a lot, despite its simplicity.

I’m all about my green like a botanist
Her ass is so big like a hippopotamus

This is another song with kind of an abrupt ending. I love this track, but there are things that could’ve made me love it even more. This is one of the few cases where I really wish the mixing was better. The production is too good for the mixing to be this bad. I also kinda wish the structure of the song was a bit more fleshed out. Maybe a good hook could’ve pushed this to the next level. As it is, it kinda just sounds like two dudes rapping rather than two dudes collaborating and making a fleshed out song together. What’s here is so good that I don’t even really mind though. I think this shit is dope as hell. Track 11 is called MINTBERRY CRUNCH, and it’s got another one of my favorite instrumentals on the project. It’s a really melodic, chill beat. I love it. Iceberg Theory fucking killed the verse too.

I saw Ursa Major
There’s Man Vs. Self, and Man Vs. Nature
Sapients that know it in the nomenclature
Call forth my flesh in communion wafers
Good fences, bad neighbors
Brush your eyes for the satyr
I’m a race traitor
The arrow left a crater
Praise be to the creator
This intelligence more than just processing data
I be slidin’ on these figure 8 loops like a skater

Also, the sample of Mintberry Crunch yelling his name in the background is awesome. I love that. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album for a two very simple reasons: the production and rapping are just that good. This shit is fire. I think the song’s dope as hell. The penultimate track is called ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, and it’s got one of the darkest beats on the project. I really love this instrumental. The song features Teller Bank$, and I don’t think he would’ve fit as well on any of the other tracks. He sounds perfect on this beat. The verse itself is fire too. The second verse from Bloodblixing feels relatively short, but it’s still pretty good. I liked that line about his passport looking like someone’s cast. That was fire. The closing verse from Iceberg Theory was great too. This isn’t really a highlight for me on the album, but, with that said, there’s nothing about it that I dislike. My favorite aspect of the song is just the production. I think the beat’s pretty awesome. The song’s dope. The closing track is called EL SOL Y LA LUNA Y LOS ESTRELLAS, and it’s another highlight for me. Once again, I was really pleased by the production here. The melodic beat is really awesome. The opening verse from Bloodblixing is pretty nice, and Iceberg thankfully comes in for one last verse to close things out.

Used to be behind monastery gates in the enclosure
Now I’m a loner, reading John Edward Williams’ Stoner
Verses never phoned in, short ribs with the bone in
Decoded while I’m roamin’, brain stripped of serotonin
I feel no joy

There’s even a sung hook on this track from Blix. I think this is a great way to close the project, and it’s definitely another one of the best songs on the album. It ends with what sounds like a clip from an old Gucci Mane song. I fuck with this shit, man. I have no gripes with this track. It’s dope as hell.

This album pretty much ended up being just as great as I was expecting it to be. Iceberg Theory is still one of the best rappers alive in my opinion, and these beats are pretty awesome. Bloodblixing himself is definitely an acquired taste, and he has a bigger presence vocally on this album than I was anticipating, but he thankfully came through with a great performance. In fact, this is definitely my favorite project that I’ve ever heard from him. I like this album a lot more than the first project these guys did together. To the Iceberg Theory fans who are curious about this project, I will warn you that you probably won’t dig it that much if you aren’t a fan of Bloodblixing. I am though, so this was really enjoyable for me. In fact, I’d say this is one of the better projects I’ve heard so far in 2023. I think some more fleshed out song structures maybe could’ve pushed this album to an even higher level, but that could be said about most of the underground shit I listen to. This shit is dope as hell honestly. Check it out.

Least Favorite Song: SWEET NOTHIN’S


Grade: A-

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