Album Review | Busta Rhymes – Anarchy

This album was released on June 20th in the year of our lord 2000. It’s Busta Rhymes’ fourth album. I’ve been putting this off just because it’s such a long project. I’m expecting it to be pretty good though. All of Busta’s albums have been good up to this point, so I doubt he really fell off super hard. The features all really compelling too. I think I’m gonna love it.

Intro: The Current State of Anarchy
Salute da Gods!! produced by DJ Scratch
Enjoy da Ride produced by J Dilla
We Put It Down For Y’all produced by Swizz Beatz
Bladow!! produced by Scott Storch
Street Shit produced by Just Blaze
Live It Up produced by J Dilla
Fire produced by Busta Rhymes
All Night produced by Swizz Beatz
Show Me What You Got produced by J Dilla
Get Out!! produced by Nottz
The Heist featuring Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Roc Marciano produced by Large Professor
A Trip Out of Town produced by Nottz
How Much We Grew produced by DJ Shok
Here We Go Again featuring Flipmode Squad produced by Just Blaze
We Comin’ Through produced by DJ Scratch
C’mon All My Niggas, C’mon All My Bitches produced by DJ Scratch
Make Noise featuring Lenny Kravitz produced by Rockwilder
Ready For War featuring M.O.P. produced by Busta Rhymes
Why We Die featuring DMX & Jay-Z produced by P. Killer Trackz
Anarchy produced by Nottz

The intro to this shit is weird as fuck. It sounds like a Tech N9ne skit. It’s cool that Busta’s been following this apocalypse theme for his first 4 albums. It’s impressive that he was able to keep it going. The voice acting is hilariously stupid. The hook on the first song is very melodic. Busta Rhymes has a great voice; it’s kind of raspy. The way the hook abruptly runs into the first verse is dope as hell. The beat from DJ Scratch is nice, and Busta rapped his ass off. It’s a great song. The beat from Dilla on Enjoy da Ride is really fucking cool. It’s really mellow. The hook isn’t that impressive, but it serves its purpose. As always, Busta killed the verses. The beat on We Put It Down For Y’all is really interesting. Man, the list of producers working on this album is amazing. Same goes for the features. The hook is kind of annoying, but Busta ripped the verses apart. It’s yet another fantastic song. Scott Storch did a great job with Bladow!! The first verse was great, and the repeating onomatopoeia in the hook is cool. It’s more great music. Street Shit is definitely one of the best songs on the album. The beat from Just Blaze is fucking awesome, and I love Busta’s aggression on this track.

Funny how niggas’ll always shit talk
The very next day they will notice the difference
In the way they bitch walk

The melodic hook is cool too. The production on Live It Up is smooth as hell, and Busta’s flow is fucking awesome. The hook works too. It’s ANOTHER damn near perfect song. This album is fucking incredible so far.

The beat on Fire is really cool. It’s kind of simplistic, but I like how tense it sounds. The hook is cool too. It’s one of the weirdest songs on the album, but it’s fucking awesome. The music video was really cool too. All Night is one of the weaker songs, but it’s still entertaining. The beat is cool, and the hook works too. Again, Busta spazzed on the verses. Wooooah… Holy fuck. The beat on Show Me What You Got flips the same sample as the title track on MC Paul Barman‘s title track to (((echo chamber))). That’s really fucking cool. The off-key singing on the hook is pretty rough. Damn. That’s unfortunate. It’s not quite bad enough to ruin the song for me though. I still fuck with the track. It’s dope.

The beat on Get Out!! is pretty cool. I wish I knew what that sample was. It sounds familiar. The first verse is great, and the hook is pretty cool too. He rapped his ass off again. The Heist is definitely a standout track. It’s the first song with any features. Ghostface Killah had one of the best featured verses I’ve heard from him on a non-Wu-Tang project. Raekwon killed it too, and you KNOW my homie Roc Marciano slaughtered it. Busta really came through with that final verse too. A Trip Out of Town starts with starts with a 45 second long introductory skit. Once it gets going it’s really cool. Nottz did a good job with the beat. It kind of reminds me of the old Mafioso Rap trend. He did it really well though. It’s a really long story. It’s fucking awesome though. The piano driven beat on How Much We Grew is really nice. Busta’s rapping about his own birth. It doesn’t get more self aware than this. He’s tellin’ the whole story of his mother’s C-section. He’s pretty much just tellin’ his whole life story. It’s fucking awesome. The hook is pretty catchy too. I like the song a lot. I love the mellow melody. It’s dope af. The transition into Here We Go Again is super seamless. The beat from Just Blaze is phenomenal, and I love hearing the Flipmode Squad go in. I think Lord Have Mercy had left the label by the time this album came out, so he’s sadly nowhere to be found. The rest of the crew did a great job though. It’s a good song. Busta’s giggles at the beginning of We Comin’ Through sound hilariously stupid. It reminds me of Beavis & Butthead. The beat is cool, and the verses are both really good. The hook is kind of annoying, but not enough to ruin the track. It’s dope. C’mon All My Niggaz, C’mon All My Bitches has some of the best production on the track, and Busta’s flow is fucking amazing. The hook’s pretty catchy too. It’s definitely one of the best songs on the album. I love the violin-led beat. Lenny Kravitz did a great job with the electric guitar—an instrument I usually hate—on Make Noise. I love how Busta’s flow is perfectly synchronized with the beat too. The hook is dope. Busta fucking killed it. I guess this song could be classified as Nü Metal. It’s actually really good though. Ready For War is fucking awesome. I’m surprised M.O.P. & Busta Rhymes didn’t collaborate sooner. I love the production, and Busta’s vocals actually sound really good. They all have great energy on the mic. Busta had the best verse, but Billy Danze & Lil Fame did a great job too. DMX’s verse on Why We Die was great, and I love the beat on that song. Jay actually killed it too. I think Busta had my favorite verse though. He knows how to hold his own in his music. I like the beat on the title track a lot, and the hook is really good. He killed both of the verses. It’s a great song. I don’t have any problems with it. The outro is really weird & kinda creepy. It was a cool way to wrap the project up though.

This album is fucking amazing. There’s not a single song on this project that I didn’t like. This is easily Busta’s most consistent album since The Coming. The production is all top notch, and the features are great. I don’t know how he could have done any better to be honest. This shit is dope af.

Favorite Song: C’mon All My Niggaz, C’mon All My Bitches
Least Favorite Song: Show Me What You Got




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